Professional Standards and CPD

Continuing Professional Development

We are  in the process of improving the Online CPD system. We will let you know once this work is completed so you can start recording your CPD activities undertaken during 2017 CPD year.

Some of the  improvements that we are making are;

  •     Allowing login either by using either  username or  email address (you still need to remember your password).
  •     To enable you to edit your CPD record, so that if you want to make any changes to your CPD  activities already recorded, you can go back and change  them.  
  •     Improving the speed of loading up pages.
  •     Minimise the risk of multiple clicks and multiple submissions.

We will let you know once this work is completed so you can start recording your CPD activities undertaken during 2017 CPD year.

Once the system is ready ; to access, login and go to start page where you can begin recording your CPD activities. (Forgot your password? You can easily reset it here.)

Important changes to CPD Guidelines

  1. Countersignatory requirement for Psychodynamic category. It was agreed by the BPC Executive that the Psychodynamic category (including Psychodynamic counsellors) can be countersigned by a BPC registered Psychoanalytic/Jungian Analytic practitioner qualified for at least 5 years or a BPC registered Psychodynamic practitioner in the same category of registration, qualified for at least 5 years.
  2. There are a small number of pre-arranged agreements where non-BPC countersignatures are being accepted. However, from 1 January 2018, if you are seeing a non-BPC colleague for regular supervision, you must also consult with a BPC registrant who will need to countersign your CPD return. The consultation will need to be for a minimum of four (50 minute) sessions during the relevant CPD year and can be done in a variety of ways; in person, via Skype or phone. This means you could continue to see a supervisor who was for example UKCP or BACP registered but would, in addition, need to have a BPC registered counter-signatory.

    We will not accept non-BPC countersignatures for the 2018 CPD year (i.e. for inclusion in the 2019/20 Register) and you should be starting to think about making suitable arrangement in advance. However, this will not affect child related categories (child psychotherapy, children, adolescent and family and institutional settings) where we will continue to accept Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP) countersignatures.  Read full CPD Guidelines 2016 (revised November 2016) here.

Download CPD forms for special categories here:

Deferred category

This category of BPC registration allows for clinicians who are working exclusively in  organisational settings (such as the NHS) with its own CPD requirements,  or who practice overseas, are academics (undertaking non-clinical forms of practice), or those taking career breaks or time off for ill health.

Deferred Registrants fall into a number of categories;

  • clinicians working exclusively in an organisational setting (usually the NHS) where they are required to comply with their organisation’s CPD requirements
  • clinicians taking a sabbatical (maternity/paternity leave, study leave etc.) and so would not be expected to comply with BPC CPD requirements
  • clinicians working exclusively outside of the United Kingdom
  • and those working in a non-clinical setting such as academia / teaching roles

Deferred Registrants are required to sign an undertaking that they wish to be included in the BPC Register as a qualified practitioner but not currently complying with BPC CPD (clinical) requirements. They have to sign a declaration that:

  • they are not seeing patients independently; or
  • they only see patients under the clinical governance arrangements of another professional or employing body; or
  • they only see patients overseas under the governance applicable to registration outside the UK.

Please note that deferred registrants are not able to countersign CPD returns and their details do not appear on ‘find a therapist’ search engine. 
Fee: £115


Supervisor / Teacher category

You may opt to register under this category if you do not practise independently, but wish to continue to supervise and teach within courses which require you to be active BPC registrants, and you wish to have a role as counter-signatory for CPD returns.  Registrants who practice under NHS settings who wish to countersign CPD returns also can register under this category. Registrants who are applying to register under this scheme for the first time should inform their Member Institutions and submit a letter to the BPC Professional Standards Committee explaining your situation.

Pre-retirement category

This is a pilot scheme. You may opt to register under this category if you are winding down your practice or have very limited clinical work, such as seeing a returning patient.
Registration under this category is limited to a period of 5 years, and a maximum of 120 hours of clinical practice /patient contact per annum. Registrants will be required to have insurance and clinical trustees in order to register under this category. Registrants who are interested in this scheme should inform their Member Institutions and submit a written application to the BPC Professional Standards Committee.
Fee: £115