PP NOW - Conference FILM


If you didn't get the chance to make the PP NOW conference, or attended but would like the chance to digest the lectures again at your own time, then we are very pleased to let you know that through the help of Psychotherapy Excellence the filming of the event was made possible.

To purchase your own copy, head to the Psychotherapy Excellence PP NOW 2017 page and ORDER HERE


Around the world, we are witnessing the rise of the cult of the ‘strong leader’, with Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Recep Erdoğan and others appearing to espouse disdain for liberal democratic institutions, diversity of opinion, culture and people.

The UK witnessed the denigration of experts in the Brexit debate. Public sector professionals and academics were undermined by a political discourse looking to silence alternative views. Politics and civic society feels more confrontational, less understanding and less inclusive, with the expression of racist and sexist views seemingly legitimised on both sides of the Atlantic.

PP Now 2017 will explore how psychoanalytic thinking can support policy makers to maintain the health of our democratic institutions, help develop services that respond effectively to real need, and push back against the rise of the authoritarian state.

The conference will bring psychoanalysts and psychotherapists together with policy makers and academics to consider these contemporary psychosocial issues, exploring the significance of understanding relationships and our inner worlds to build a more inclusive and fulfilling society.

The video recordings will include:

1. Friday Evening Lecture Opening – Helen Morgan, Jessica Benjamin, Gabrielle Rifkind
2. Jessica Benjamin - Developing a Democratic Psychology: The Ethos of “More than One can Live” versus the Social Imaginary of “ Only One can Live”
3. Gabrielle Rifkind - A Traumatic Psychology of War 
4. Saturday Breakout Session: Contemporary  Developments in Sexuality and Gender and their Impact on the Consulting Room - David Richards & Noreen Giffney. Chaired by Juliet Newbigin
5. Saturday Plenary: Women on the Verge of a Post-Liberal World - Jessica Benjamin, Susie Orbach and Gail Lewis. Chaired by Susanna Abse
6. Saturday Breakout Session: Our Mental Health and the way we Live Now - Carey Oppenheim & Karen Newbigging. Chaired by Susanna Abse


For Professor Daniel Pick's keynote address: Free Associations? Psychoanalytic history, democracy and the state we are in - head to our BPC vimeo page: WATCH HERE