Policy and Public Affairs

Our policy and public affairs work supports the BPC mission to promote the excellence and values of psychoanalytic thinking and psychotherapy. It is focused on contributing to the debate on the benefits of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytically informed therapies and on improving access to and availability of psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  The BPC works closely with our registrants and external stakeholders to safeguard the public and promote psychoanalytic training and research. We aim to make psychoanalytic psychotherapy accessible to all and to promote the application of psychoanalytic thinking to other fields such as social and political sciences.

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Recent BPC public policy papers are available in the News section of the website. Below a selection of archived public policy responses and statements:

Statement against Conversion Therapy, 2017

A statement against Conversion Therapy, expressing solidarity with like-minded organisations in the USA.  Produced in partnership with organisations including the Scottish Government and Stonewall.

Response to Public Accounts Committee inquiry on improving access to mental health services, 2016
A submission to a Public Accounts Committee inquiry, focusing on access to psychological therapies for adults on the NHS.

Statement on ongoing scrutiny of Government plans to help jobcentre clients who experience mental ill health, 2016
A statement on onging scrutiny of Department for Work and Pensions plans to assist jobcentre clients experiencing mental ill health.  Released jointly with four other colleague organisations including the British Psychological Society.

Response to Labour Party Health and Care Policy Commission, 2016
A response to a Labour Party consultation on health and care, which will help inform future Labour Policy towards areas such as mental health and the future of the NHS.

Response to Labour Party Health and Care Policy Commission, 2015
Response to Policy Commission - a response to the policy programme recommended by the Labour Party's Policy Commission on Health and Care, focusing on mental health

Talking Therapies Manifesto, 2015
An Urgent Need - a manifesto by the We Need To Talk coalition, of which the BPC is a member, calling on the next Government to invest in psychological therapies so that all can access a full range of evidence-based psychological therapies within 28 days of requesting a referral.

Response to NICE consultation on scope of NICE Guideline on Depression, 2015 
A submission to a NICE consultation on the planned scope for revision of its Guideline on Depression.

Report on NHS psychotherapy provision, 2015
Addressing the deterioration in public psychotherapy provision - a report based on a survey of over 2,000 psychotherapists working across the NHS, the third sector and in private practice.  Highlights that access to longer-term NHS psychotherapy provision is getting harder for mental health patients and that the private psychotherapy sector is increasingly 'picking up the pieces' with individuals failed by the NHS.

'Containing Tensions', 2015
Containing Tensions - an essay on the psychoanalytic approach to policymaking, one which ‘insists on the thick textures of social and personal suffering, desire and aspiration as its point of departure for theory and action and speaks to the inherent value of participatory democracy. Published in Juncture, the magasine of the Institute for Public Policy Research.

Submission to Conservative Party manifesto development process, 2014
A paper focusing upon psychodynamic interventions for people with Personality Disorder and Medically Unexplaind Symptoms, focusing upon 2 projects - the Devon Personality Disorder Service Pilot and the Birmingham Medically Unexplained Symptoms Project.

Response to consultation on the NICE manual, 2014
A response to a NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) consultation on how it develops its guidelines.  Submitted jointly with the Association of Child Psychotherapists, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, the Royal College of Psychiatrists' Faculty of Medical Psychotherapy, Tavistock Relationships, and the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

Memorandum of Understanding and leaflet condemning Conversion Therapy, 2014
Memorandum of Understanding - signed by 17 organisations including the BPC and NHS England, and with Department of Health endorsement, this sets out an agreed framework for activities by the parties concerned to help address issues raised by the practice of conversion therapy in the UK.

Conversion Therapy leaflet - a leaflet offering information and advice on reparative therapy.  Created at the request of the Department of Health, with the UKCP, the BACP and other professional partners.

Talking Therapies Briefing for Commissioners, 2014
Commissioning talking therapies to meet need - a briefing prepared by the We Need To Talk coalition, to provide commissioners with information on the benefits and effectiveness of talking therapies, and highlighting considerations to make when commissioning services.

'Costing the Invisible', 2014
Costing the Invisible - a review of the evidence examining the links between body image, aspirations, education and workplace confidence.  Co-authored by BPC registrant Susie Orbach and commissioned by the Government Equalities Office.

'Two for the price of one', 2014
Two for the price of one - a report on the harm that negative body image can cause to pregnant women and new mothers, showing how body image problems can be unconcsiously transmitted from mother to child.  Co-authored by BPC registrant Susie Orbach and released by the Government Equalities Office.