Young people are under too much pressure - letter in The Independent

Helen Morgan and Heather Stewart, the Chairs of, respectively, the British Psychoanalytic Council and the Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP) have had a letter published in the paper copy of today's Independent.

Titled 'Young people under too much pressure', and written in response to Geradline Bedell's article on the teenage mental health crisis, the letter states:

'Geraldine Bedell's article on the teenage mental health crisis was sobering and disturbing. 

The dominant narrative of the time we live in is of austerity and competition.  In both public and private sector consulting rooms across the country our psychotherapists and child psychotherapists increasingly see anaxious and traumatised individuals, troubled by matters such as work rpessure, money worries, addiction to social media, and loss of control over one's life.

As a society, we will likely face worsening adult mental health if we do not begin to challenge the expectations and unrealistic pressures foisted on young people today.  With the enormous pressure placed on young people, where the prevailing narrative is that everything is down to individual endeavour and anything less than the highest grades in exams is failure, is it any wonder that so many teenagers are suffering?'

The British Psychoanalytic Council is greatly concerned about the teenage mental health crisis and about what the legacy will be for these teenagers as they grow older.

Geraldine Bedell's article may be found here:




Friday, 4 March, 2016 - 14:04