PP NOW 2017 Awards

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy NOW 2017 Awards

The PP NOW awards celebrate outstanding individuals and organisations within the psychoanalytic community. The awards for the following cateogories were presented after the Saturday Conference, November 4th, Imperial College London.

Innovative Excellence - PANOPTIKON

This award celebrates a striking example of ground-breaking work. The innovative nature of the work can be in terms of clinical practice, research, or socially inclusive practice, such as working with sections of the community who may traditionally find access to therapeutic treatment difficult.
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Special Commendation for Innovative Excellence - STREET TALK 

Innovation is our lifeblood and offers a way to continually renew the psychoanalytic method.  The challenge however is to first know and explore the unmet needs of our communities and then understand those needs and have the courage to take a depth treatment and translate and modify it in order to meet those needs.
Streettalk has done just that and is a wonderful example of a pioneering clinician, Pippa Hockton, responding to unmet needs.  Streettalk offers counselling and psychotherapy to women trapped in street based sex work.  Currently 5 therapists offer therapy to these women from 5 sites across London. The women who use this service live chaotic troubled lives and most have histories of serious childhood trauma.
This kind of front line work makes us all proud to present Streettalk with this  special British Psychoanalytic Council commendation for innovative excellence

Outstanding Professional Leadership - KEN ROBINSON, SUSANNA ABSE
This year there were two outstanding nominations for different styles of leadership, leading the panel to present two awards in this category

This award recognises an individual in a position of leadership who has developed their role to make a significant and outstanding contribution to developing the position and/or influence of psychoanalytic/psychodynamic psychotherapy in the wider world.

Susanna Abse -

Between 2006 and 2016, Susanna Abse served as Chief Executive Officer of the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (subsequently Tavistock Relationships).  During her tenure, Abse expanded T.C.C.R. into an organisation which has made immense contributions to psychotherapy training, clinical services, research, and public policy. Prior to Abse’s chairpersonship, the organisation occupied only a tiny number of rooms on the third floor of the Tavistock Clinic.  But during her tenure, T.C.C.R. became increasingly large, and relocated to a substantial building of its own.  Susanna Abse worked hard to expand the size of the training body from a mere handful to a cohort of several hundred trainees.
Not only did Abse facilitate the growth of T.C.C.R. but, also, she enhanced its social mission by disseminating psychoanalytical work with couples beyond the consulting room.  She commissioned landmark research projects, funded by government departments, and developed groundbreaking clinical projects, including new approaches for the treatment of high-conflict couples and adoptive couples; parenting-focused interventions with couples locked in custody battles; as well as the “parents as partners” group work programme.  In making the findings of couple psychotherapy available to larger groups of people and in publicising research data, Abse increased the understanding of this field and underscored its importance to government ministers and other stakeholders. 
Moreover, Susanna Abse established the first All-Party Parliamentary Working Group on couple relationships in the House of Commons and House of Lords, enlisting the support of numerous parliamentarians and peers of the Realm to lobby for research into couple and family mental health.
We know of no one else who, in the last decade, has done as much as Susanna Abse to transform the once tiny field of marital psychotherapy into a major presence within the British mental health community.  We can think of no one more deserving of the award of Outstanding Professional Leadership.

Ken Robinson -

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Bernard Ratigan Award for Psychoanalysis and Diversity - RESPOND

This award applauds an individual or organisation that has significantly improved and/or developed inclusivity in matters of diversity such as ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, disability etc. in psychoanalytic practice and / or therapeutic treatment.
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Lifetime Achievement Award presented to - SUSIE ORBACH

Forty years ago, Susie Orbach launched the Women’s Therapy Centre in London, followed soon thereafter by the Women’s Therapy Center Institute in New York City.  Both of these organisations continue to flourish four decades later.  During the 1970s, women who could not afford private psychoanalysis had few opportunities to receive psychological assistance.  At that time, long before the widespread recognition of sexual abuse and spousal rape, women without financial resources received no treatment at all or would be forced to consult predominantly male psychiatrists.  Through the creation of the Women’s Therapy Centre, Orbach provided a space – the first of its kind in this country – for women to receive psychoanalytical psychotherapy from other women in a physically and emotionally safe environment.  Also, forty years ago, Orbach published her first book, Fat is a Feminist Issue – still a worldwide bestseller – which broke the silence on eating problems in women for the very first time.
Since then, Dr. Orbach has made many innovative contributions to the mental health profession, notably as a broadcaster and author, having written a regular column on mental health for The Guardian and, more recently, having presented a landmark programme on B.B.C. Radio 4, In Therapy, which attracted more than 3,000,000 listeners per episode.  In this respect, she has made an incalculable contribution – more than any other practitioner in the British Psychoanalytic Council – to the dissemination of psychological knowledge.  Additionally, she has served effectively as a consultant to several government ministers, advising on more enlightened healthcare policies, especially in relation to the condemnation of “size zero” fashion models in mainstream publications, which cause distress to innumerable young women by accentuating their sense of bodily shame.
We can think of no one more deserving of this Lifetime Achievement award than Dr. Susie Orbach.

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