Helping people affected by the Grenfell Tower fire and people affected by terrorist attacks

Many of our registrants have been in touch to let us know they would like to offer support to the victims and survivors of recent traumatic events.

We have been in touch with the authorities and have been informed that no further clinicians are required for persons affected by the Grenfell fire.

If you would like to play a role in the wider support effort for those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire, please email, leaving your name, contact number, availability, and skills.

With regard to those affected by terrorist attacks, we are in liaison with a number of key offices across the country, including the London Mayor’s office.  You can imagine how very busy these persons are at the moment and we will report back when a concrete plan has been put in place as to how clinicians could help anyone affected by recent events or by any other such events in the future.

Friday, 23 June, 2017 - 20:45