Guardian letter - parity of esteem and accessing appropriate treatments

In the latest in an ongoing debate on the need for longer-term psychological therapies, including psychoanalytic psychotherapy, to be more widely available on the NHS, the BPC has replied to a letter in the Guardian which suggests that our call for more access to such therapeutic interventions may be influenced by professional interests.

Our reply states:

'Mark McKergow suggests that calling for more access to longer-term therapeutic interventions may be influenced by professional interests.  On the contrary, the evidence for longer-term interventions such as psychoanalytic psychotherapy is now robust and suggests that patients receive a sustained recovery from mental ill health.  Equally, while shorter-term therapeutic interventions work for some, surely it is in the best interests of patients that they receive an appropriate therapy to help them recover from mental illness'.

This was written in response to the last letter in the following web page on the Guardian's website:

The BPC has actively been calling for parity of esteem for mental health with physical health for several years, and is an active member of several coalitions including the We Need to Talk coalition, which campaigns for mental health patients to be able to access the full range of evidence-based therapies on the NHS.  Information on the evidence for psychoanalytic psychotherapy may be found via the following web page:

We look forward to a day when all people experiencing ill mental health in this country are able to access treatments appropriate for them.

Tuesday, 8 March, 2016 - 17:12