COVID-19 BPC Update: 02 April 2020

COVID-19 BPC Update: 02 April 2020

Join our Campaign to Maximise the Role of Counselling and Psychotherapy in Response to Covid-19

Together with the BACP and UKCP, we have written to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, highlighting the critical role of counselling and psychotherapy in supporting the nation during and after the pandemic. We have made three key policy proposals:

  1. Putting in place measures to ensure there is a workforce to deliver a comprehensive mental health response to the Covid-19 crisis
  2. Tackling labour market barriers - counsellors and psychotherapists can only work to support others if they themselves are supported
  3. Signposting the public to the very best mental health support through a partnership with government and other mental health stakeholders

We are building a cross-organisation coalition of professional bodies, service providers, training organisations and individual counsellors and psychotherapists urging government to act so we can maximise our ability to provide support to the ones who most needed it during these unprecedented times. To read our letter and support the campaign please click here and add your name. 7,000 people have already joined and we need your support.

If you are a Member Institution or a provider of counselling and psychotherapy services and would like to support the campaign, please contact Eva, our Public Affairs and Policy Manager.   

Government Support 

  • Mental Health Minister Nadine Dorries has announced that mental health charities will receive £5 million to expand their support services. The fund will be administered by Mind. We will keep you updated on developments. We are keen to work in partnership with government and other mental health stakeholders to ensure that mental health support services are expanded and the public are supported to access qualified and professional therapists
  • We have supported IPSE’s (Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed) campaign calling for government to provide support to the self-employed. Recognising these challenges, the Chancellors has announced specific financial measures, they can be accessed here, under the heading ‘Government Support for the Self-Employed' 


  • We have circulated general guidance to all our Member Institutions about how to facilitate ongoing training during these exceptional times. We recognise that trainees are naturally anxious about any delay to their training and that training committees nationally have already looked at ways to minimise training disruption. We are working with our Member Institutions to support them to facilitate training in this current climate and should be read in conjunction with our Covid-19 general guidance and our guidance on online/telephone sessions
  • We have been involved in talks at the NHS Psychological Professions Network which has subsequently produced guidance for NHS staff and training organisations. The guidance is complementary to our specific guidance and can be accessed here

Training and CPD

  • We recognise another change faced by our Registrants is access to CPD. There are CPD workshops available online and we would encourage you to continue your CPD taking advantage of relevant online courses. Although we are aware that there are less opportunities, providers are also adapting whenever possible to delivering CPD online 
  • We remind Registrants that they may choose to take specific training on working remotely or access resources that explore the use e-technology in psychotherapy. Courses on how to manage the change of the therapeutic frame, such as the one offered by the Tavistock Relationship are available
  • The Psychological Professions into Action have launched their second national online workshop to generate insights on how the psychological professions can respond to the Covid-19 crisis collectively. The online conversation is now live and open until noon on 14 April. To join in please follow this link
  • Do let us know you if you are aware of specific online training and resources that could be useful and we will endeavour to create a Resource Hub for the psychoanalytic community to facilitate the sharing of information and best practice during this difficult and uncertain time

NHS Staff Wellbeing

  • Voluntary initiatives continue being set up to provide front line NHS staff with psychological support. Many of our Registrants in private practice and in the NHS are working to coordinate efforts and provide support as we move through the next few months and beyond.  
  • As we become aware of them, we shall keep you updated on any new initiative, such as the one launched by NHS Practitioner Health 

How to Contact Us
Our team is now working remotely. We are operating as usual but, as we adapt to the new working arrangements, please bear with us if there are any delays in replying to your queries. 
We are doing everything we can to make this transition as smooth as possible and, to help us, we would be grateful if you would contact us by email in the first instance. Please provide your name, contact details including a phone number and your query. We will aim to respond within 48 business hours, Monday to Friday.  

This is the latest in our regular updates to support you during the Covid-19 crisis. Previous updates are available on our website


Thursday, 2 April, 2020 - 17:40