BPC responds to the UKIP manifesto

UKIP has released its manifesto


It includes a number of priorities for mental health, which the BPC has called on all political parties to commit to.  These include:


-         Introducing a 28 day maximum waiting time between referral and first appointment

Ending the gap between child and adult, and physical health and mental health services, ensuring a smooth transition between these sectors.


In addition, UKIP has called for funding which is earmarked for mental health services to only go to mental health services, although it stops short of calling for ring-fencing of mental health budgets, which the BPC has called for.


UKIP has also said that it would invest an extra £11 billion every year into the NHS and social care by the end of the next parliament, including increasing funding for mental health.


The BPC is delighted that UKIP has included a number of its calls in its manifesto.

For further details on our election calls, please see: https://www.bpc.org.uk/news/general-election-2017-bpc-calls-high-quality-and-comprehensive-psychological-therapy-programme

Gary Fereday, BPC CEO, said: ‘I am pleased that UKIP has announced that funding earmarked for mental health services should only go to mental health services, although we will continue to make the case for all parties to  commit to ring-fencing of mental health budgets.  It is also good to see UKIP call for a 28 day waiting time and for better joined up working between services.  I am concerned, however, that UKIP has not called for access to a wider range of psychological therapies, including psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  We know that the current NHS psychological therapies programme does not offer an appropriate therapy to every patient and we would like to see every patient able to access an appropriate therapy for their needs.’

Thursday, 25 May, 2017 - 18:33