Annual Registration and CPD News

The online annual registration process for Registrants is now open and the deadline for submission will be 31st March 2020.


If you are an exising Registrant and looking to register and complete your CPD declaration, ensure you are logged into your BPC account and then click here.


The annual registration fees for 2020/21

Registrant (full)                                         £315.00
Registrant (newly qualified)                        £255.00
Registrant (pre retired)                              £131.00
Registrant (NHS only)                                £131.00
Registrant (Teaching/Supervisory only)        £131.00
Deferred Registrant                                    £131.00
We hold a voluntary Register that is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, the statutory body that oversees professional regulatory bodies in the UK and is subject to scrutiny by Parliament. Registrants of the BPC are required to complete our annual registration declaration to remain on the Register.

Thursday, 19 December, 2019 - 15:38