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In the Guardian's Problem Solved column:

'My sister and I don’t get on – and our parents don’t help'.  Advice from BPC registrant Susanna Abse - The Guardian, 3 February 2018

'My in-laws won’t babysit our children.'  Advice from BPC registrant Marcus West - The Guardian, 12 January 2018

'I love my boyfriend, but he twists things so they seem like my fault'.  Advice from BPC registrant Penny Pickles - The Guardian, 22 December 2017

'My life has become a battle with my husband, my mother and my daughter'.  Advice from BPC registrant Carol Leader - The Guardian, 15 December 2017

'My husand wants to downsize but I fear losing the rock of my home'.  Advice from BPC registrant Margot Waddell - The Guardian, 27 October 2017

'My brother bullied me growing up, but my parents denied it happened'.  Advice from BPC registrant Carrie Worrall - The Guardian, 6 October 2017

'My brother was jailed for abusing his daughter. Now she says it was all lies'.  Advice from BPC registrant Barbara Levick - The Guardian, 18 August 2017

'My parents moved to a new area after my mother retired and now she is really isolated.'  Advice from BPC registrant Rose Persson - The Guardian, 16 June 2017

'How can I cope with my manipulative mother?'  Advice from BPC registrant Carrie Disney - The Guardian, 2 June 2017

'I'm childless and lonely.  I feel moving would help, but my husband isn't keen.'  Advice from BPC registrant Barbara Levick - The Guardian, 5 May 2017

'My boyfriend won’t marry me, even though we plan to start a family.'  Advice from BPC registrant David Hewison - The Guardian, 14 April 2017

'My sister helped me to escape our family – now she’s abandoned me.' Advice from BPC registrant Jan McGregor-Hepburn - The Guardian, 3 March 2017

'My dad is cross-dressing and Mum is bitter. What can I do to help?' Advice from BPC registrant Juliet Newbiggin - The Guardian, 30 December 2016

'I've just discovered that my adored dad, who is now dead, had an affair.'  Advice from BPC registrant Jan McGregor Hepburn - The Guardian, 25 November 2016

'Why does my brother humiliate me at family events? Can't he just accept me?'  Advice from BPC registrant Susanna Abse - The Guardian, 11 November 2016

'My brother is a hypochondriac who believes he is dying but won't see a doctor.'  Advice from BPC registrant Jan McGregor Hepburn - The Guardian, 5 August 2016

'I'm in my kate 20s, living back at home and feel like a failure.'  Advice from BPC regustrant and Chair, Helen Morgan - The Guardian, 24 June 2016

'My mother is a hypochondriac and has tantrums like a toddler.'  Advice from BPC registrnat Rosine Perelberg - The Guardian, 20 May 2016

'My fiance's sister is jealous and talks about me behind my back.'  Advice from BPC registrant Stella Vaines - The Guardian, 22 April 2016

'Children should steer clear of their parents' sex lives.'  Advice from BPC registrant Joanna Rosenthal - The Guardian, 26 June 2015

'My granddaughter has learning difficulties, but her crying fits are wearing us down.'  Advice from BPC registrant Elisa Reyes-Simpson - The Guardian, 19 June 2015


Joint statement calling for suspension of sanctions system quoted on Andrew Marr programme - BBC1, 17 December

A budget for better mental health - HuffPost, 19 November

Leading charities urge Government to address 'crisis' of mental health services in UK - letter signed by the BPC -  The Independent, 4 November

Freud's clay feet - New York Review of Books, 26 October

Psychoanalytically informed therapies should be more widely available - BPC letter in the Guardian, 15 October

We all need psychoanalysis - it would make Britain a happier, kinder place - The Guardian, 9 October

Guidelines for depression: more gourmet nights from NICE - Cost of Living, 15 September

Pope Francis sought psychoanalysis at 42 - New York Times, 1 September

Pope reveals he had weekly psychoanalysis sessions at age 42 - The Guardian, 1 September

We need action to address the mental health crisis, not more empty words - The Guardian, 30 August

How we feel about Freud: BPC registrant Susie Orbach and Frederick Crews debate his legacy - The Guardian, 20 August

Our treatment facilities for people with personality disorders are not good enough - by Sue Mizen, BPC registrant and Chair of the Medical Psychotherapy Faculty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists - The Telegraph, 4 August

The time for action on making parity of esteem a reality is this Parliament - BPC letter to the Guardian, 19 June

As a psychologist for NHS staff I saw how hospital work takes its toll - The Guardian, 19 June

Uk schoolchildren attempting suicide to qualify for mental health treatment, say charities and teachers - The Independent, 2 June

A third of children's mental health services may be facing downsizing or closure - BPC NHS Survey with the ACP, BACP and UKCP (covered up by the Huffington Post and the Guardian)

Our nation does deserve more than just talk about mental health - BPC letter to the Guardian in response to Eva Wiseman aticle (below) - 22 May

Obituary of Louise Emmanuel - The Guardian, 18 May

It's good to talk about mental health.  But is it enough?  Eva Wiseman in The Guardian, 14 May

When therapists need therapists: 'Suffering is not unique to one group'. - The Guardian, 19 April

Prince Harry on how recieiving therapy helped him - The Telegraph, 16 April

Psychoanalysis, the NHS and mental health work today - Karnakology, 29 March

Mental health workers struggle with stigma about their own issues.  References a BPC 'working in the NHS' survey - The Guardian, 22 March

'Inhuman' online therapy used to treat depression.  BPC Chair Helen Morgan quoted - The Independent, 20 March

The hygge of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, by BPC registrant Jessica Yakeley - OUPBlog, 16 March

11 very good reasons to go to therapy - Huffington Post, 10 March

The DWP must see that a bad job is worse for your mental health than unemployment - joint letter with the BABCP, BACP, BPS and UKCP calling for the suspension of the benefits sancrion system - The Independent, 26 February

Therapy via the internet can only ever be a pale imitation - BPC Chief Eexecutive Gary Fereday in a letter in The Guardian, 19 February

Why China is ripe for the couch - New York Times, 6 February

Seach me: should you google your therapist - The Guardian, 4 February

Tackling mental health stigma will require more than just goodwill - The Guardian, 24 January

A week after Theresa May's speech on mental health, a women's psychiatric ward is closing due to cuts - The Independent, 18 January

Young people's mental health services in the UK need cash not empty promises - The Guardian, 18 January

Mental health needs good deeds more than good speeches - The Guardian, 17 January

Words are not enough to tackle the crisis in mental health - The Guardian, 10 January

I'm determined to build the shared society for everyone - the Prime Minister announces a package of measures designed to address mental health support in our workplaces, schools and communities - The Telegraph, 7 January

Taiwan to publish plan to ban conversion therapy - Out, 3 January


Screen-based lifestyle harms children's mental health - BPC registrants including Sharie Coombes and Susie Orbach co-organise and sign a letter in The Observer, 25 December

Local authorities 'spend close to nothing on mental health' - The Independent, 8 December

Malta bans 'gay cure' conversion therapy - BBC News, 6 December

Series 2 of 'In Therapy' with BPC registrant Susie Orbach, available on BBC iplayer:

'In the consulting room, we see the macho mask fall off' - letter to The Guardian, 29 November

'As boys, we are told to be brave': men on masculinity and mental health - The Guardian, 24 November

With men less likely to seek help with their mental health, access must be made easier - HuffPost, 22 November

Flagship talking therapies scheme helps just one in three recover - Children and Young People Now, 11 November

Nine ex-health secretaries 'dismayed' at mental health services - BBC News, 18 November

Psychiatrists attack 'scandal' of child mental health spending - The Guardian, 17 November

Forget drugs and booze: stars use therapists to cope with stress - The Guardian, 13 November

Former BPC Chair Julian Lousada discusses Donald Trump on the Jake Yapp Show - TalkRadio, 6 November

The secret life of a child therapist: you have to accpet you can't fix everything - The Guardian, 3 October

Act on children's mental ill health, or risk national crisis, warns expert - The Guardian, 1 October

GPS can't solve this mental health crisis - The Guardian, 12 July

Series 1 of 'In Therapy' with BPC registrant Susie Orbach now on BBCiplayer:

Susie Orbach: in therapy, everyone wants to talk about Brexit - The Guardian, 1 July

'Sick and asphyxiating' - why we live in an age of anxiety - The Guardian, 15 May

Why is finding a therapist so hard? Meet the mental health matchmaker - The Guardian, 9 May

NHS mental health funding is still lagging behind, says report - The Guardian, 9 May

'Burnout and depression': the doctors struggling with their mental health - The Guardian, 19 April

Talking cures: the history of psychotherapy - placed on BBC World Service (originally broadcast in May 2002)

Can you trust an app with your mental health - The Guardian, 7 April

Britain's top psychiatrist Simon Wessely challenges Government to ring-fence menta health spending - The Independent, 2 April

Ministers 'letting down mentally ill people#' by not collecting data - The Guardian, 1 April

Depression kills, so why aren't people getting better NHS care - The Guardian, 16 March

Narcissism: the science behind the rise of a modern 'epidemic' - The Independent, 11 March

Why are more children being prescibed antidepressants? Funding cuts - The Guardian, 11 March

Anti-depressants: WHO concern over use by children - BBC News, 8 March

BPC letter to the Guardian in relation to debate on the need for longer-term psychological therapies, including psychoanalytic psychotherapy, to be more widely available on the NHS - letter to The Guardian, 8 March

Young people are under too much pressure - BPC and ACP joint letter - The Independent, 4 March

A fuller picture of modern psychiatry - BPC letter in The Guardian, 26 February

Mental illness is a result of misery, yet still we stigmatise it - The Guardian, 26 February

BPC letter to the Guardian on the need for a meaningfully resourced and accessible range of longer-term evidence-based therapies on the NHS - The Guardian, 22 February

In Therapy: a goldmin for nosy parkers - The Guardian, 18 February

We're not surprised half our psychologist colleagues are depressed - The Guardian, 17 February

NHS mental health funding falls in England - FoI figures - BBC News, 14 February

What really happens in therapy: on the couch with Susie Orbach - The Times, 11 February

Whether to pick sides in psychology today - BPC letter - The Guardian, 12 January


The government must invest in psychological therapues - BPC orchestrated mental health sector letter, signed by our CEO Gary Fereday - The Guardian, 24 Novenber

BPC registrant David Taylor on BBC Radio 4 Today programme on the findings of the Tavistock Adult Depression Study - BBC Radio 4, 2 October

Mental health apps are not an adequate substitute for human interaction - New York Times, 21 December

Mental health is wecomed back on to the political agenda - BPC orchestrated mental health sector letter, signed by our CEO Gary Fereday - The Guardian, 17 September

BPC signs a letter calling on the Government to tackle the £47 billion cost of family breakdown by increasing relationship support services - The Telegraph, 17 September

Tell it about your mother.  Can brain-scanning help save Freudian psychoanalysis? The New York Times, 24 June

Why is midlife such a lonely time?  By BPC registrant, Josh Cohe - The Guardian, 14 July

Gay conversion therapy ruins lives.  We cannot afford to keep it legal - The Guardian, 28 May

Mental health: moving beyond remission of symptoms - letter from BPC Chair Julian Lousada - Lancet Psychiatry, April

Psychotherapy provision in the UK: time to think again - an article by BPC Chair Julian Lousada, UKCP Chair Janet Weisz, BPC Policy and Public Affairs Officer Peter Hudson and UKCP Policy and Public Affairs Manager Tim Swain - Lancet Psychiatry, 17 February

BPC registrant David Bell on BBC Radio 4 You and Yours programme talking about BPC report on the state of NHS psychotherapy provision.  From 21:19 minites in:


The government ‘urgently needs to invest in mental health — and especially in talking therapies’ - We Ned to Talk coaltion letter, signed by the BPC - The Times, 16 September

We know what Rolf Harris did; knowing why is not so simple.  By BPC registrant Stephen Blumenthal, The Observer, 6 July

Thrive by Richard Layard and David M. Clark – review by Jenny Diski - The Guardian, 25 June

Review of Adam Phillips' Becoming Freud - The Telegraph, 21 June

Harry Karnac obituary - The Guardian, 23 April

We need to give people with mental health difficulties more treatment options - letter from the BPC's CEO Gary Fereday - Health Service Journal, 7 February


Britain on the couch: therapists share our biggest worries (includes pieces by BPC registrants Susanna Abse and Andrew Samuels) - The Guardian, 7 December

Ban on therapy to 'convert' gay minors upheld - Los Angeles Times, 29 August

Heed the new age of anxiety rather than bemoaning it - Darian Leader, The Guardian 29 July

Bernardine Bishop's passionate commitment to psychotherapy - The Guardian, 24 July

Former England cricket captain Mike Brearley backs fundraiser for cash-starved psychotherapy unit where he once worked - Camden New Journal, 30 May

Music school trial shows therapy is crucial for sex abuse victims - By BPC registrant Susie Orbach, The Guardian, 12 February

BPC Chief Executive Gary Fereday on psychotherapy training - The Guardian letters, 26 January

UKCP Chair Janet Weisz  on waiting times in the NHS - ITV 'Daybreak', 15 January

Profile of BPC registrant Stephen Grosz and his book 'The Examined Life'  The Guardian, 7 January 2013


Anger as French psychiatrist found guilty of manslaughter because patient was killed - The Guardian, 19 December

Psychiatry is failing those with personality disorders - New Scientist, 5 December

Psychotherapy's image problem pushes some therapists to become brands - New York Times, 23 November

Schizophrenia shouldn't be a life sentence. But it will be - The Guardian, 14 November

Eric Kandel: I See Psychoanalysis, Art and Biology Coming Together - Spiegel Online International, 10 November

Cut-price therapy -  by BPC registrant Andrew Samuels,  The Guardian letters, 7 November

French psychoanalysts sign a petition supporting gay marriage - Gay Star News, 6 November

The nasty babble which stigmatises depression - The Guardian, 2 November

What I'm really thinking: the psychotherapist - The Guardian, 19 October

How psychoanalysis changed the world of child psychology - Ham and High, 12 October

Mental health (and the Camden Psychotherapy Unit) in the limelight - The Guardian, 9 October

Psychotherapist who tried to ‘cure’ me of homosexuality has at last been struck off - The Independent, 4 October

Psychotherapists warned against offering sexuality 'conversion' treatment - The Telegraph, 1 October

To Russia with Jung - BBC Radio 4, 17 September

Fraud and misconduct are threatening scientific research - The Guardian, 13 September

Buenos Aires, city of tango and psychoanalysis? - New York Daily News, 23 August

Lawrence Goldie obituary - The Guardian, 13 August

Mental health spending falls for the first time in ten years - The Guardian, 7 August

The politics of mental health - The Guardian, 29 July

What I'm really thinking: the daughter of a psychoanalyst - The Guardian, 20 July

Theory behind the Freudian slip is finally proven after 111 years - Daily Mail, 18 June

Scandal' of mental illness: only 25% of people in need get help - The Guardian, 18 June

Obituary: Cathy Urwin - The Guardian, 17 Junene

Adam Phillips: a life in writing - The Guardian - 1 June

The interpretation of Alastair Campbell's dream - The Guardian, 24 May

'Gay cure' therapist loses appeal against suspension - Channel 4 News, 22 May

Psychiatrist apologises for 'fatally flawed' study which claimed gay people could be 'cured' '- The Guardian, 19 May

What autism can teach us about psychoanalysis - Guardian, 16 April

Drugs not the best option for people at risk of psychosis, study warns - Guardian, 6 April

Analysing Louise Bourgeois: art, therapy and Freud - The Guardian, 6 April

Eric Brenman obituary - The Independent, 28 March

Psychotherapist warns Camden mental health will become a two tier service - Ham & High, 17 February

Jaqueline Rose, A Life in Writing - The Guardian, 3 February

This Could Be Carl Jung's Century  - The Observer, 25 January

French psychoanalyst Andre Green diess, 22nd January - SPP tributes


Estela Welldon on her new book - The Guardian, 17 November

Joyce McDougall obituary - The Guardian, 24 October

Camden psychotherapy centre battles for survival - Ham & High, 21 October

Interview with Darian Leader - The Observer, 2 October; - plus book review by Jacqueline Rose

Yale Psychologist Calls for the End of Individual Psychotherapy - Time, 13 September

Five Analysts Interpret Dick Cheney’s Bizarre Italian Dream - The New Republic, 29 August

Sabina Spielrein, a forgotten pioneer of psychoanalysis (preview of A Dangerous Method) - The Telegraph, 28 August

Shortages in NHS ‘talking therapies’ services' - The Times, 1 August (mirrored on another site)

Tea Party spouse runs 'conversion therapy' clinic - NPR, 1 August

Mental health remains poor relation in NHS - The Guardian, 21 July

Mental health services need to learn more from patients - Darian Leader in The Guardian, 21 June

Mental health services in crisis: The Guardian blogs reader stories about services - 21 June

Psychoanalyst Arnold Goldberg on Anthony Weiner and Dominique Strauss-Kahn - Chicago Magazine, 10 June

Quality of psychotherapy influenced by office décor - PsychCentral, 8 June

Jung's relationship with Freud - The Guardian blog, 6 June

Charity heads' open letter to The Guardian on benefit cuts - 31 May

Jung blog series begins on The Guardian website - 30 May

Therapist suspended for 'treating' a patient for homosexuality - The Guardian, 27 May

Need Therapy? A Good Man Is Hard to Find - The New York Times, 21 May

Who's your favourite TV psychotherapist? Meet television's Hippocratic Oafs... Lost In Showbiz Blog, The Guardian, 13 May

Emotions are at the heart of every judgement that is made in financial services - David Tuckett in the Financial Times, 9 May

Surely the answer to anxiety can be better than antidepressants? - The Guardian, 6 May

NHS cuts: the first casualties include mental health - The Guardian, 11 April

Ashes of Alfred Adler found after 74 years in Edinburgh - The Scotsman, 9 April; The Guardian, 10 April

Money woes 'linked to rise in depression' - BBC, 7 April - and Ben Goldacre considers the validity of the data

The Guardian special supplement, 'Mind Matters' - A new strategy for wellbeing, 6 April

Coalition confusion is bad for mental health - The Guardian, 29 March

I started in the deep end of the therapy pool - Huffington Post, 28 March

Listen to the first ever recorded case of child psychoanalysis - Health Check BBC World Service, 21 March

Why psychiatry has turned to drug therapy (related to article below) - The Guardian, 15 March

US insurance companies are putting their foot down on talk therapy - 6 March

Eric Kandel: Analysis can use a dose of neuroscience - Psychiatric News, 4 March

Antidepressants more likely to be prescribed in the north - The Guardian, 4 March

Cognitive-bias modification (CBM) is for those whose answer to the question, 'Do you want to talk about it?' is 'No' - The Economist, 3 March

The Guardian interviews BPC registrant Susie Orbach, 26 February

Philosophy Now reviews Beyond the Couch event, 'Between Mind and Brain' - Jan/Feb 2011

Mental health trusts to make 15% job cuts - Community Care, 23 February

Disability benefits slashed in Welfare Reform Bill - Community Care, 17 February

IAPT adviser David Richards sacked for speaking out - The Guardian, 7 January; Letter from David Richards

Civil service cuts put mental health strategy at risk - CommunityCare, 2 February

GPs to share £150m bonus pot for spotting mental health problems - The Guardian, 2 February

A new NHS and the mentally ill are as powerless as ever - The Guardian, 2 February

Ministers want NHS to 'cure' up to one million sufferers of mental health problems by 2015 - The Telegraph, 31 January

'Conversion’ therapy for homosexuals is unethical, by BPC registrant Andrew Samuels, The Telegraph, 23 January

In Defence of Psychoanalysis - Intelligent Life, Winter 2010

Behind the couch: Was Freud really a rationalist? - New Humanist, Jan/Feb 2011

Cost concerns likely driving drop in psychotherapy use (USA) - Psychiatric News, 7 January

Psychotherapy needs regulation like any other profession (response) - The Guardian, 5 January 2011


Darian Leader queries regulation, again - The Guardian, 9 December

BPC registrant David Tuckett outlines ideas for a new economic model in the Wall Street Journal, 30 November

David Cameron should measure mental health, not happiness - Oliver James in The Guardian, 26 November

Welfare state expresses an ideal of the good society - BPC registrant David Bell on The Guardian website, 3 November

Psychoanalysis: Cathartic or useless? Peter Hobson defends the contributions of psychoanalysis on the Today programme - BBC Radio 4, 14 October

Freud coming into fashion in China - Washington Post, 11 October

Should psychoanalysis be in the Science Museum? New Scientist, 29 September (login required)

The kids aren't all right: teenage depression on the rise? The Guardian, 18 September

Adam Phillips explores the happiness myth - The Guardian, 4 September

Dora: The Girl Who Walked Out On Freud - Listen again, BBC Radio 4, 1 September

NHS trust criticised after psychologist is arrested over affair - The Independent on Sunday, 29 August

Safety in mind: 'patients deserve to be protected, not patronised by those who claim to know best' - Financial Times, 28 August

Breaking the taboo over the mental health crisis among Britain's gay men - The Observer, 22 August

BPC registrant Andrew Cooper defends psychoanalytic therapy for depression in The Guardian, 7 August

Great dynasties of the world: The Freuds, The Guardian, 7 August

My Life in Therapy: Daphne Merkin, New York Times 4 August

BACP survey: One in five Britons has consulted a counsellor or a psychotherapist - The Observer, 1 August

Darian Leader on the forthcoming DSM-V - The Guardian, 29 July

Many GPs fear being unable to take on role of providing services for patients with mental health problems - The Observer, 18 July

Interview with the author of 'Psychoanalytic Diagnosis' - Psychology Today, 13 June

Talking therapies are more effective than Prozac-type drugs, says scientist - The Times, 14 June

Darth Vader displays the signs of a borderline personality order - The Guardian, 10 June

Response to below: Psychological rehabilitation of offenders is not a lost cause - The Guardian, 3 June

£1m each spent on most dangerous killers 'about locking people up' - The Guardian, 26 May

Depression? It's just the new trendy illness! - Janet Street Porter, The Daily Mail 19 May

Response to JSP by Alastair Campbell: The reality of depression, The Mirror 21 May

BPC Chief Executive Malcolm Allen and Darian Leader debate on Radio 4’s ‘You and Yours’, 13 May (Listen Again)

'Psychotherapists must address this clear failure of self-regulation' - BPC Chief Executive Malcolm Allen, The Guardian, 11 May

Sex scandals, rows and mavericks: is it time to regulate psychotherapy? - The Observer, 2 May 2010

Psychotherapy rebels consider rebranding to avoid state regulation - The Observer, 2 May 2010

Freud and Jung: A Meeting of Minds - The Independent, 24 April

Richard E. Grant: 'Freudian psychoanalysis "absolutely saved my life".' The Times, 21 April

21 March: GPs demand end to therapy delays for mentally ill children - The Guardian

BBC News, 9 March: Call to regulate therapy counsellors (video)

9 March: BPC registrant Brian Rock on 'In Treatment', The Guardian

3 March: Scientific American: 'Strongest evidence yet that psychodynamic psychotherapy works'

3 March: Clare Allan (the Guardian) shops for a psychotherapist

'Repression debunked' study fails to convince blogosphere - BPS Research Digest blog, 15 February

February 2010: Patrick Strudwick for the independent (1 Feb) and the Guardian (9 Feb) goes undercover to investigate conversion therapy


December 2009: Letters on the regulation of therapies, including from BPC registrant Nicola Barden and BPC registrant Andrew Samuels in response to article by Lucy Bannerman, The problems with therapy (The Times, 7 Dec)

22 November 2009: Divorcing couples to be offered counselling on the NHS, The Guardian

BBC, 12 October: Cat registered as hypnotherapist

4 October 2009 - The Observer reports that 'Only 400 therapists have been trained out of the 3,600 needed for the [IAPT] scheme'

Oliver James: Family Under the Microscope - 18 July 2009, The Guardian

Regulations must be extended to help stamp out abuse - 5 July 2009, Mind

Adam Phillips on excessive behaviour - The Guardian, 8 August 2009

Leading charity backs registration of counsellors and therapists - 1 July 2009: Angela Hussain (Psychminded)

Counselling and Psychotherapy must be state regulated (1 July) - Jonathan Coe

Why psychological therapies need a different style of regulation (1 July) - James Antrican

Thought policing (1 July) Mary O’Hara

The drugs don’t work (29 June) - Ed Halliwell

Psychotherapy of Depression Changes Biological Parameters - 24 June 2009: Read full article here

Antidepressant use soars as the recession bites (21 June) - Jamie Doward

Any one seeking help from Derek Draper needs therapy: Catherine Bennett (The Observer)

Dont judge us all by Draper's practices - 26 April 2009, The Observer

GP's are failing depressed patients' - 19 April 2009: Nina Lankhani (The Independent)

Jonathan Coe of Witness responds to Darian Leader (The Guardian, 17 April)

BPC Chair Julian Lousada's response to Darian Leader's 9 April article 'counselling doesn't fit the commoditised NHS model - The Guardian, 13 April 2009

The Independent (11 April) reports on the issue.

Counselling needs a legal basis for client protection - 11 April 2009, Phillip Hodson (BACP)

The Coalition Against Over-Regulation of Psychotherapy publishes its letter in The Guardian, 9 April.

The Guardian interviews BPC registrant Susie Orbach, 26 March (video feed)

'Talking' initiative good idea but flawed - 15 March 2009, responses to article 'victims of recession to get free therapy' (The Observer)

When it's bad to talk: 11 March 2009, Katie Hilpern (The Guardian)

Victims of recession to get free therapy - 8 March 2009, Toby Helm (The Observer)

The Guardian (Saturday 7 March) includes a special section on psychotherapy and psychology:- Article by Susie Orbach; - The ego, the superego and the id; - Brief descriptions of different therapies

Fit for purpose (on IAPT) - 18 February 2009, Laurence Pollock (The Guardian)

The Observer (23 November 2008) interviews Stan Ruszczynski and other staff at the Portman.

Darian Leader writes in the Guardian (9 September) against CBT and the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme. 'CBT's effort to ignore the effects of an individual's history in favour of a shallow analysis of the here and now sets a bleak example to those who believe that if the 20th century had any lesson, it was precisely not to deny the significance of human history and memory.'

'While some therapists do not dispute the need for some official regulation, many professional bodies are furious at these plans,' reports the Times ('Regulate this!', 15 July 2008). The BPC has had its response published (18 July - scroll down to third letter on the Times' page). Read the unedited version here and comment on it.

A subsequent letter from a service user (29 July) makes an unarguable case for regulation: 'The regulation of any service exists for the benefit of users, not providers.'

An earlier news article in the Sunday Telegraph (Freudians having bad dreams about the end of the couch; 13 July 2008) suggests that all psychoanalysts agree that impending state regulation will have negative consequences for psychotherapy. The BPC submitted a response but this was not published - read it here.

Experts debunk CBT 'myth', 7 July: 'CBT has not been proved to be better than other therapies and such perceptions could mislead the public and harm patient care.' Read the article here.

'Wake-up call for British psychiatry' (Requires BJP or Athens login): A recent article in the British Journal of Psychiatry arguing that the New Ways of Working initiative puts patients at risk because of its  emphasis on talking therapies and other 'alternative' treatments.

Mary O'Hara reports in The Guardian (9 July 2008) on the responses to this statement, which suggest the article 'represents an attempt by some psychiatrists to reassert their dominance within mental health care.'