New Associations

New Associations online:


Issue 28 Summer 2019

  • Anthony Barnett; The Passions of Brexit
  • Helen Morgan; New Beginnings at New Associations
  • Susanna Abse; Brexit: Trauma, Identity and the Core Complex
  • Andrew Cooper; The Passion of Brexit (comment)
  • SCoPEd project update from the BACP, BPC and UKCP
  • Brent Thomson; Brexit: Northern Ireland
  • Gabrielle Brown; PA Thinking and the Unhoused Mind
  • Brett Kahr; BPC Scholars Network launch
  • Marian O'Connor; First Black First Lady
  • Lee Smith; Trainee conference
  • Gary Fereday; Strategic Developments
  • Diary
  • Johnathan Sunley; A Play for Our Times


Issue 27 Winter 2018

  • David Hewison; The Impact of Research on Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
  • Ann Scott; Working with Research Ambivalence: response to David Hewison
  • Gary Fereday; Ensuring what we do Makes a Difference
  • Sue Mizen; Psychotherapy and the NHS
  • Jonathan Shedler and Jessica Yakeley; Evidence and the Profession at Large
  • Geraldine Ryan; Hearth (PPNow 2018 Innovation and Evidence)
  • Julia Blazdell and Anna Motz; Evaluation of a Co-Delivered Model of Training: Working with Women with Personality Disorder (PPNow 2018 Innovation and Evidence)
  • Tim Kent; Tavistock and Portman Primary Services (PPNow 2018 Innovation and Evidence)
  • Andrew Balfour and Richard Meier; Living with Dementia - a psychosocial intervention developed at Tavistock Relationships (PPNow 2018 Innovation and Evidence)


Issue 26 Autumn 2018

  • Joanna Ryan: Class, Identity Politics and Disavowal
  • Lynsey Hanley; 'Class is an absent presence': response to Joanna Ryan
  • Juliet Newbigin and David Richards; Where are we with Sexual and Gender Diversity?
  • Wayne Full; Conversing, not conversion, with Same-Sex Sexualities
  • Susie Orbach; Identity in Light of the #metoo
  • Gabrielle Rifkind and Richard Sherry; Conflict Resolution
  • Kannan Navaratnem; Culture, Race and Language in the Consulting Room: Minding the Gap
  • Professor Brett Kahr; Freud's Death Bed: Notes on the "Invalid Counch" at Maresfield Gardens
  • Mahyar Alinaghi; A Letter from Tehran
  • Gabrielle Brown; Sadism: Psychoanalytical developmental perspectives (2018) Edited Amita Sehgal, Oxford, Routledge
  • Professor Brett Kahr; Mildred Forrell (1923 - 2018): Editor of the Mind
  • News; BPC signs the MoU2 on Conversion Therapy
  • Diary; events


Issue 25 Summer 2018

Theme: Leadership

  • Susanna Abse; More Doing and Less Being
  • Gary Fereday; Leadership and The Future of the Profession
  • Dr Candida Yates; On the psychodynamics of Boris Johnson
  • Helen Morgan; Regulation, Edlership and Analytic Work
  • Dr Felicitas Rost; Psychoanalysis needs Reserach and Research needs psychoanalysis
  • Jessica Yakeley, Implementing research in clinical practice: our experience at the Portman Clinic
  • David Gilbert on Involving Patients
  • Arthus Niesser; Welsh Dragons, Snowdonia Mountains and the Unconcious
  • Lindsey Nicholls; Churchill and his Darkest Hour
  • Diary, events
  • News; SCoPEd