New Associations 25

NA 25, Summer, 2018

More Doing and Less Being - Susanna Abse
Why we need to authorise and encourage our leaders

Leadership and the future of the profession - Gary Fereday

On the psychodynamics of Boris Johnson - Professor Candida Yates

Leadership and Governance:
Regulation, Eldership and Analytic Work - Helen Morgan

Theory and Practice today: Research:
Psychoanalysis needs Research and Research needs Psychoanalysis - Dr Felicitas Rost
Implementing research in clinical practice: our experience at the Portman Clinic - Jessica Yakeley

In conversation:
David Gilbert on Involving Patients -
Gary Fereday in conversation with David Gilbert, mental health service user with over 30 years of experience both as a patient and a leading public engagement practitioner

On the ground:
Welsh Dragons, Snowdonia Mountains and the Unconcious - Dr. Arthur Niessar

Cultural Review:
Churchill and his Darkest Hour - Dr. Lindsey Nicholls

News: SCoPEd, GDPR

Letter to the Editor - Lene Auestad

Managing Editor: Gary Fereday
Editor: Daniela Pasquini
Production: Susan Rentoul
Illustrations: Allen Fatimaharan
Printer: Blackmore

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Tuesday, 7 August, 2018