New Associations 22

NA 22, Winter 2016

A voice needed more than ever - Gary Fereday

Ordinary differences, different states of Mind - Maxine Dennis

Conference special:
The centre and the margins: whose problem is it anyway - Helen Morgan
License to hate: racist states of mind - Narendra Keval
Is it because I am different? - Annie Peskin
Identity and Culture - Anna Motz
We need to talk about culture - Marina Christoforidou and Elke Mund-Amos
Ordinary differences - Marina Christoforidou
Between Black and White - Adam Danquah

Analysis in Practice:
The art of ageing - Chris Wilson
Super human and non-humans - Poul Rohleder
Our trouble with disabled bodied

Sarah Nettleton, The Metapsychology of Christopher Bollas (Routledge 2015) - Annie Peskin

Psychoanalysis, the NHS, and Mental Health Work Today (Karnac 2017) Edited by Alison Vape - an interview

Surveying the profession
Conversion therapy
Providing for complex needs
European links


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