New Associations 18

PP NOW 2015 special issue


About the PP NOW Conference:

Getting to grips with society's ills: a psychoanalytic perspective

The PP NOW lecture and conference is our biennial event which is focused on bridging the clinical and academic study of psychoanalytic psychotherapy with political discourse and social policy.

This year's conference attracted just shy of 280 delegates, and we aimed to focus the programme on looking at the connection points between our profession, and its current innovative thinking and developments, and other multidisciplinary fields, to see where and how psychoanalytic discourse can contribute its unique thinking to unpack and understand some of the key issues affecting society today.

What delegates liked most about the event

"The posing of questions central to what it means to be psychoanalytic psychotherapists in this current place and at this time... that we ask questions of ourselves"

"How psychoanalytic thinking was applied to a societal and world context"

"The whole basis of it - linking psychotherapy to the outside world and current politics"

"The engagement and participation of the conference members and the conversations in between"

"looking at problems is a global way - inspiring"

"...thinking about diversity and engagement and the use of outside speakers"



PP NOW Award Recipients 2015

We received some inspiring and dynamic nominations for this year's awards, and the nominations panel, chaired by Judith Trowell, really had quite a job cut out for them choosing which nominations to award.  We will be highlighting the awards and some of the other nominations received in our New Associations PP NOW special edition, but here is a quick list of this years recipients:

Innovative Excellence: Parenting Together Service (at the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships)
This award celebrates a striking example of ground-breaking work. The innovative nature of the work can be in terms of clinical practice, research, or socially inclusive practice, such as working with sections of the community who may traditionally find access to therapeutic treatment difficult.

Outstanding Professional Leadership: Julian Lousada
This award recognises a significant contribution to developing the position and/or influence of psychoanalytic/psychodynamic psychotherapy in the wider world.

Bernard Ratigan Award for Psychoanalysis & Diversity: Frank Lowe and Juliet Newbigin
This award applauds an individual or organisation who has significantly improved and/or developed inclusivity in psychoanalytic practice and / or therapeutic treatment.

Wednesday, 1 July, 2015