The British Psychoanalytic Council register

The British Psychoanalytic Council Register is a resource for psychotherapists, healthcare professionals seeking to make referrals, and for those looking for psychotherapeutic help. It contains the names of over 1450 psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapists and counsellors, including psychoanalysts, Jungian analysts, and child psychotherapists who are registrants of the British Psychoanalytic Council. All registrants meet our fitness to practise standards and have qualified through one of our accredited trainings or on strict equivalence criteria.

Practitioners can be searched for by surname, by postcode, by geographical region, or by languages in which they work.

The best way to find whether a therapist might be able to help is to meet with them and see if you feel you would be able to work together.

The Register is the complete, official list of BPC registrants, including those who have deferred appearing on the Find a Therapist pages because they are overseas, not currently in clinical work, or are working in the NHS or another context which means they are not available for clinical referrals. For this reason, some BPC registants will not appear in the Find a Therapist search.

The final printed Register appeared in 2013. The BPC Register is now formally the online version on this website. This change ensures the information is always up to date.

Please note that some BPC registrants may also be registered with other statutory or voluntary registers. We are in the process of identifying these additional registrations and expect to be able to display these in search results soon. A list of these registers can be found here.