Reduced fee, children and adolescents

British Psychoanalytical Society and The Institute of Psychoanalysis

London Clinic of Psychoanalysis Child Services

London Clinic of Psychoanalysis
W9 2BT
Phone Number: 020 7563 5002
Fax Number: 020 7563 5003

Consultation service for children and young people to the of 18-21. Recommendations for further treatment are then made, and this may include recommendation for low fee psychoanalysis.

The London Clinic of Psychoanalysis Child Service has a low fee scheme whereby a limited number of low fee places in psychoanalysis are available to children and young people if this is recommended following a Clinic consultation.

Area: Most low fee analyses are available in the London area, either at the Clinic or at the analyst's private consulting room.
Frequency: Four or five times weekly 50 minute sessions.
Fee Structure: Initial consultation fee: full fee £120, for those on low income £30
Minimum Fee:

The minimum fee is £5 per session but if this presents real difficulties, lower fees can be negotiated. Patients agree to pay what they can reasonably afford and this is reviewed annually.

Apply to: The London Clinic of Psychoanalysis by by telephone 020 7563 5002 or email or by post.