Reduced fee, adults

British Psychoanalytical Society and The Institute of Psychoanalysis

London Clinic of Psychoanalysis
W9 2BT
Phone Number: 020 7563 5002
Fax Number: 020 7563 5003

We have vacancies for low-fee psychoanalysis in both London and surrounding areas through the London Clinic of Psychoanalysis and in the North of England through our Clinical Service North.

The Institute of Psychoanalysis Clinical Services offers a low fee scheme whereby a limited number of low fee places in psychoanalysis are available to those recommended following a Clinic consultation.

For enquiries in London please contact:
London Clinic of Psychoanalysis
Byron House
112a Shirland Road
London W9 2BT
0207 563 5002
0207 563 5003 (fax)

For enquiries for the North of England please contact:
Institute of Psychoanalysis Clinical Service North
Bevan House
34-36 Springwell Road
LS12 1AW


Through the London Clinic of Psychoanalysis we have vacancies for London and surrounding areas. In the North of England vacancies will be available in the Leeds, Sheffield and Halifax areas.


Five times weekly for 50 minute sessions for a period of at least two years.

Fee Structure:

Initial consultation fee London Clinic of Psychoanalysis: full fee £120, for those on low income £30. Clinical Service North Full fee: £75 but lower fees accepted to a minimum of £30. For subsequent analytic sessions, see under minimum fees.

Minimum Fee:

The minimum fee is £5 per session but if this presents real difficulties, lower fees can be negotiated. Patients agree to pay what they can reasonably afford and this is reviewed annually.

Apply to:

For London and Surrounds area London Clinic of Psychoanalysis by telephone 020 7563 5002 or email or by post. For Clinical Service North, by email or by post.

British Psychotherapy Foundation

37 Mapesbury Road

The British Psychotherapy Foundation offers a range of reduced fee schemes for those on low incomes prepared to attend intensive Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis or Jungian Analysis for at least two years. There tend to be a limited number of places available and it is helpful for patients to have an initial assessment.

North of England Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists

Benfield House, Walkergate Park
Newcastle upon Tyne
Phone Number: 0191 287 6100

NEAPP runs a low cost scheme for intensive psychotherapy.

Minimum Fee:

Fees are on a sliding scale in relation to ability to pay and are individually negotiated.

Apply to:

For further information please contact Dr Kate Page, Benfield House, Walkergate Park, Benfield Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 4PF

Society of Analytical Psychology

1 Daleham Gardens
Phone Number: 020 7435 7696
Fax Number: 020 7431 1495

Applicants are asked to send a confidential letter describing themselves and their reasons for requesting analysis. A consultation is then offered with one of the Clinic Directors. Usually, but not always, analysis is with a trainee of the Society. Preference for clinic vacancies is given to those who have not had previous psychotherapy or psychiatric treatment.


Mostly London and Home Counties but occasional vacancies are available outside London.


4-5 times weekly for a minimum of two years

Fee Structure:

£40 for initial consultation

Minimum Fee:

A minimum fee of £10 per session which may be reduced in special circumstances

Apply to:

The Director, C.G. Jung Clinic at the above address, by letter or telephone