Working with Risk and Safeguarding for Adults

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Wimbledon Guild Counselling Training

14 May 2022

Time: 10:00 - 14:00

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Location: online


A four hour Zoom CPD event with Simon Marks. Please note events are live stream only, they are not recorded. Please note, this workshop will only be exploring risk and safeguarding for adults, and not minor or children.

The event:

As a counsellor, psychotherapist or healthcare professional working for an organisation, charity or the NHS, a thorough safeguarding process and risk assessment for your clients or patients will already be in place.

However, if you are a private practitioner, just starting out, or working outside of an organisation, safeguarding and risk policy procedure can seem overwhelming to grasp on your own.

Understanding how to risk assess correctly will be your responsibility – especially for your more vulnerable clients. But what exactly will you need to consider? What makes someone high risk? How can you safeguard if they are in crisis? What should you consider when working with addicts or survivors of trauma and abuse? When is the right time to make an intervention? And what if a client attempts suicide while under your care? In these times of ethical uncertainty, our supervisors and peers may not always around when we might need to make an immediate decision.

Many of us forget about the other person in the client-therapist dynamic. Us. How well do we manage our own safeguarding? What happens when we neglect or abandon our own needs at the risk of our own mental health and wellbeing? How do we recognize the signs of overworking, burn-out and compassion fatigue? Clinicians who work with survivors of abuse and trauma who have similar wounding themselves, often experience vicarious or secondary trauma. At these times, how well do we practice self-care when the professional lines are blurred?

In this workshop, we will walk through everything you ever wanted to know about safeguarding and risk, but we’re too afraid to ask. From your client’s pre-assessment to their first few sessions; from developing a needs assessment and a care plan, to working with clients in crisis; from closure and outgoing referrals to personal self-care and maintaining boundaries. There will be opportunities to learn, share and process experientially – as well as explore a number of real case studies. We will also give voice to the shadow part of every clinician or practitioner… What happens when we make an error or fail our duty of care?

The trainer:

Simon Marks is a Dramatherapist and addiction therapist, specialising in trauma, co-dependency, shame reduction, LGBTQ+ mental health and chemsex. He works at Mount Carmel Rehab Centre in South London as well as a private practice in Central London. Simon works with different models and approaches including, IFS, Post-Induction Therapy, 12 Step, Inner-Child and dramatherapy. He offers both individual and group work. Simon delivers a full range of training programmes in these areas of specialism. Simon also runs the successful gay men’s community discussion group, A Change Of Scene, and is himself in long-term recovery since 2007.

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