Working with Neurodiversity in Therapy

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Wimbledon Guild Counselling Training

19 November 2022

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

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The day’s presentations:

Ruth Williams:
“Lost in Translation” – Decoding the Language and Differential Behaviours of Neurodivergent Clients.

Ruth’s presentation will centre around how neurodiversity appears in the therapy room as it is often a ‘hidden’ element which can cause confusion to therapists. Ruth will be exploring ways that counsellors can support individual clients as well as couples, to enhance their relational skills by facilitating improved communication and identifying ways in which clients can get their individual needs met.

Suzy Rowland (Chair and speaker):
Creativity & Individuality: Emotional Expressions of Neurodiversity

In this presentation, Suzy plans to explore some of the motives, drives, personal and emotional possibilities of life as a Neurodivergent person. Suzy will look at themes of self-advocacy, identification, creative expression as a route to self-actualisation and how therapeutic practice can support clients you are working with.

David Moat:
Neurodiversity and Relationships

Details TBC


10am welcome from Suzy Rowland and brief introduction of the speakers

10.10am Ruth Williams 50 mins presentation

11am Ruth Williams 10 mins Q& A from the audience

11.10am to 11.40am break

11.40am Suzy Rowland 50 mins presentation

12.30pm Suzy Rowland 10 mins Q&A from the audience

12.40pm to to 1.40pm break for lunch

1.40pm Suzy Rowland mindfulness exercise 1.50pm David Moat 50 mins presentation 2.40pm David Moat10 mins Q&A from the audience

2.50pm to 3.20pm break

3.20pm to 4pm plenary lead by Suzy Rowland and questions from the audience closing comments

Speaker biographies

Ruth Williams is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist who specialises in ADHD and Autism. She supports individuals, couples and families and co-directs Aspire Autism Consultancy with her colleague Deborah Wortman. Together they offer a range of counselling and consultancy services as well as running regular workshops and training courses to help members of the public and healthcare professionals to gain a deeper understanding of neurodiversity. Aspire Autism Consultancy have recently sponsored ‘The Different Minds Podcast Series’ which explores all aspects of neurodiversity across 66 episodes. Within this series Ruth has recorded a Podcast about ‘Autism and Counselling’ with her colleague Deborah Wortman… and another with her son Peter about living with ADHD, see:…

Ruth offers individual clinical supervision to counsellors and runs several monthly CPD/Supervision groups for therapists who support neurodivergent clients. She has extensive personal and professional experience of supporting people with ADHD and Autism. Ruth has neurodivergent family members which has undoubtedly helped her to gain deeper insights into the daily challenges that neurodivergent people face. Ruth is passionate about improving awareness around ADHD and Autism, in the hope that individuals will be able to gain access to a range of resources to help them lead satisfying lives and maintain good mental health.

For further information about the work Ruth does see:…

Suzy Rowland is an author, Autism & ADHD Specialist, Adaptive Cognitive Behaviour Therapist & Speaker. She founded the #happyinschool project to provide creative and interactive training and consultancy, rooted in lived experience. She works directly with local authorities, families and young people, examining challenging issues and situations and building connections, that enable educators and families to work collaboratively, for successful educational outcomes. The project started off as a forum for autism & ADHD parent advocacy and quickly developed into detailed training programmes for mental health professionals, educators and complex organisations. Suzy is also a presenter for Women’s LIK UltravisionTV.

Qualifications & Experience: Suzy is PCBT (British Psychological Society approved) Scope & IPSEA trained, Safeguarding Certified, IAPT (Improving Access Psychological Therapy), trainer and holds a current DBS. Suzy has worked with: Universal Music, Express CIC, Fastminds, Richmond Borough Mind, ADHD Embrace, ADHD Foundation, A2nd Voice, Achieving for Children (AfC) and National Autistic Society as well as private clients. Suzy’s book S.E.N.D. in the Clowns ‘Essential Autism, ADHD Guide’ was a best seller in Amazon’s neurology listing; her next writing project is a children’s workbook for JKP about school avoidance. Suzy is widely published: Melan Magazine, My Baba, Special Needs Jungle, Kingston Chamber Magazine, Diversity Q, School Run, Your Autism Magazine, Open Access Government, Primary Times, “From Hurt to Hope” (JKP).

David Moat has a wealth of experience in counselling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Alongside his general practice, he works in the field of Neurodiversity (which includes people with autism spectrum conditions, AD(H)D, dyslexia and dyspraxia). He has written on Integrative Therapeutic Approaches to the Autism Spectrum, and has lectured across the UK and Eastern Europe. He is a founder member of CoSPPA (Coalition of Senior Professionals for People with Autism).

David works with individuals, couples and families, with clinics in Cambridge and Burwell (in East Cambs).

He is a keen actor within his local amateur dramatic scene, and can often be seen gigging around East Cambridgeshire with his ukulele band.

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