Witnessing: Spirituality as an intervention and tool for recovery and support in eating disorders

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Wimbledon Guild Counselling Training

15 January 2021

Time: 10:00 - 12:00

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Location: online


Witnessing clients and families conversations about the importance of their faith, is a helpful marker in setting up interventions that feel authentic to family culture, value system, and harmony (Carberry, 2016; Yap & Tan, 2011), whilst keeping step with the clients pace (Rober, 2011).

Witnessing testimonies and presentations from people recovered from disordered eating, can provide insight into the struggles against the negative thought patterns that often plague sufferers, together with the subtle difference that spiritual belief can bring, and assist in their recovery.

This workshop illuminates some of the important sequences noticed by the presenter, by family members and those in recovery make. These observations can help the practitioner in their collaborative work, make interventions which feel authentic when taking into consideration the client spiritual belief system.

In this workshop participants will explore:

• How practitioners may use the concept of ‘joining faith’ with the family belief system against self-starvation of anorexia, and it’s an assault on the family’s unwavering faith to assist in recovery.

• Begin discussions with clients to include topics to include Bulimia and Ramadan where bulimia attempts to intercept this period to bring disharmony within the family.

• Shed light on the practitioners own spiritual reflexive journey in working with families affected by eating disorders.

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