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The Foundation for Infant Loss Training

21 October 2020 - 02 November 2020

Time: 09:00

Price: £25 per course

Location: online


I have included the course information below. You would be provided with a log in to access the course as and when you wish, with no time limits and in your own time. This training is ONLINE. You can print off your certificate at the end and also out logo which you may use. There are NO other costs involved other than the course fee.
This training has been delivered in person (before covid) at universities such as Kings college, UWE, Swansea, University of South Wales, Leeds, Manchester, Uclan and Sheffield Hallam being the most recent as well as NHS Trusts across the UK over the last ten years.

By taking this training ensures that you can show that you have also embraced the more difficult and emotionally challenging aspects of the profession and that you can support families at the darkest of times.

We are currently offering two courses at heavily reduced rates to coincide with national baby loss awareness month

.1.Pregnancy and Infant Loss: £25

.2.Supporting clients with a subsequent pregnancy after loss: £25

Both are online and can be accessed in your own time. You will receive certification, use of our logo and depending on what course you have studied – a listing on our register on our website as either an accredited pregnancy and infant loss specialist or an accredited specialist in supporting clients with subsequent pregnancies after loss. You will also receive our e books “Pregnancy and Infant Loss: A Guide for Professionals” and “Little wings: A mothers experience of losing her daughter to Sudden Infant Death aged 6 weeks”

We estimate both courses to be around 8 hours to complete.

Pregnancy and Infant loss course:

Overview of pregnancy and infant loss


Infant Loss: Still a Taboo?

Parents perspectives of loss (SIDS, stillbirth and miscarriage) Parents experiences of what helped and what did not

Use of language and communication

Pregnancy and Infant Loss: Likely feelings and behaviors

Anxiety, Panic attacks, PTSD, PND

Visualisation exercise

Legal Viability: How the 24 week mark affects: Registration of Birth, Taking baby home and such

Exercise: Identifying good and poor practice with a realistic case study film

When a baby dies in hospital

Being aware of Options, memory boxes, bereavement photography, the cold cot, the option of taking baby home

SIDS deaths and the Coroners Court, registration of birth and death

Women and men – Possible grief differences

Not forgetting children and Grandparents

How parents have experienced isolation following pregnancy and infant loss “People did not know what to say”

How different religious and cultural groups will impact parents behaviors following a pregnancy or infant loss

The Healing Process – what has helped parents?

Counselling – Is it accessible enough?

Bereavement support groups

Charities that can help

Genetic counselling

Supporting yourself as a professional

Supporting clients with a subsequent Pregnancy after Loss:

Overview of pregnancy and Infant Loss in the UK

Parents perspectives

Trying again -66% of people conceive within 12 months after a Pregnancy or infant loss

Meeting your client for the first time

The importance of use of language – parents experiences

Overview of the risk of loss in future pregnancies (Miscarriage and stillbirth)

Factors that can increase the risk of pregnancy and infant loss

Parents explain why they tried again straight away

Parents explain why they waited

Medical recommendations

Becoming Pregnant: The emotional rollercoaster

Likely feelings including denial, Guilt and Fear

Women who have experienced pregnancy after loss have a number of concerns including Grief and Depression

Anxiety delay attachment

Understanding complex emotions: 1 in 6 women suffer PTSD following a pregnancy or infant loss nine months after they have lost their baby

What can help manage anxiety

Complaints from parents relating to professionals attending them with a subsequent pregnancy after loss

Psychosocial needs and how these can be met

Antenatal care and concerns

The importance of the Tear Drop stickers on pregnancy notes

Telling other people about the pregnancy: Hope and fears

Telling other children

Support for children: Age appropriate books, Darceys Dream, JOEL, Winstons Wish

Coping with Grief during pregnancy

Coping with renewed grief such as anniversaries, due date etc

Support available: Online forums, memorial services, parent support groups, Memory Boxes

Managing anxiety with subsequent pregnancies after loss – enhancing confidence and control

Baby safety education, breathing monitors, support groups

A parents perspective of using the CONI scheme “Care of the Next Infant” (The Lullaby Trust)

Baby’s arrival -Parents perspectives

Bonding issues

Encouraging bonding – what can help?

Settling into family life – The new normal

Telling the child about their older brother or sister that died

Including the baby that has died in family life

When a Rainbow baby does not come -Infertility and support available

The student rate will expire at the end of october.
If you wish to book let me know and I will send you an invoice and arrange everything there after.

Kind regards

Millie Thomson
The Foundation for Infant Loss Training

Winners: Lifetime Achievement Award: The National NHS Awards 2019
The British Journal of Midwifery Awards 2017/2014
The British Citizen Awards 2017

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