The Curiosity Drive: our need for inquisitive thinking

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Manchester Psychoanalytic Development Trust

25 September 2021

Time: 11:00 - 12:30

Price: £25

Location: online


Author and psychoanalyst Philip Stokoe in conversation with David Morgan.

Curiosity is fundamental to the development of personality and meaningful relationships. Whether in a clinical, educational or social work setting, it is heartening when we experience evidence of the growth of curiosity. We can feel confounded when someone seems unable to become emotionally interested in themselves and their relationships.

In this fascinating webinar, Phillip Stokoe talks about his book, The Curiosity Drive: Our Need for Inquisitive Thinking (Phoenix) and explores this rich terrain.
Is a capacity for curiosity innate? What psychological conditions are needed to help it grow? What stimulates the emerging of curiosity, and what inhibits it? How do we help someone who seems incurious?

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