Schools, mental health and the pandemic

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British Psychoanalytical Society (incorporating the Institute of Psychoanalysis)

23 March 2021

Time: 20:15 - 21:45

Price: £25

Location: online


Schools play a crucial role for the social, emotional and intellectual development of children and adolescents. Attending to school children’s mental health creates enormous challenges. Managing the different demands, from government and local authorities, parents and children, is difficult at the best of times. The pandemic has not only increased these challenges, but has created new ones, through the risk of social contact, new forms of teaching and learning, and the heightened anxieties and emotional problems children and teachers face.

Emil Jackson, child psychotherapist, who has worked extensively with schools and co-edited the book “Sustaining Depth and Meaning in School Leadership: Keeping your Head”, will be in dialogue with psychoanalyst Maxim de Sauma, Clinical Director of the Brent Centre for Young People, which has developed work with schools. The event will be chaired by the psychoanalyst Hannah Solemani.

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