Satanic Error: William Blake’s insights for clinical practice and everyday life

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C G Jung Public Lectures, Bristol

13 March 2021

Time: 10:30 - 00:45

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The poet and artist William Blake was profoundly affected by the impact of the industrial revolution and railed against ‘Satanic Mills’. For Blake these ‘mills’ represent an aspect of the human mind that is in a state of repetitive ‘Error’ that has an alarming impact on the individual and society.

Blake offers a powerful experiential portal or ‘cipher’ into both this ‘mechanical’ state and liberation from it through his writings and illustrations of ‘Satan.’ Blake’s explorations can be seen to be in the same territory as, but to pre-date the work of, Freud, Jung, Bion and also later analytic writers.

More recently McGilchrist (2012) in The Master and his Emissary powerfully adds to Blake’s insights with a wealth of contemporary research relating to a dangerous over-valuation of left-brain, scientific processing in the western world coupled with a denigration of the profound relational and integrative qualities that right brain functions promote.

This fully illustrated, stand-alone talk, will engage in a further development of themes explored in Carol’s paper Evil, Imagination and the Unrepressed Unconscious: the Value of William Blake’s Satanic ‘Error’ for Clinical Practice. This paper won the 2014 British Journal of Psychotherapy’s Rozsika Parker Prize.

Carol Leader is a training and supervising Jungian analyst and senior psychoanalytic psychotherapist with the British Psychotherapy Foundation and an associate member of The Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy. She worked extensively in theatre, TV and radio before re-training as a therapist nearly thirty years ago. She is in full time private practice, consults in business and for projects in the arts and lectures, writes and leads workshops and seminars for a number of professional trainings.

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