Psychoanalytic parent infant psychotherapy in Covid times

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The Anna Freud Centre

20 July 2020

Time: 16:00 - 17:15

Price: £39.99

Location: online


The PPIP Society, the Anna Freud Centre professional association for psychoanalytic parent infant psychotherapists, will be holding a series of webinars about working therapeutically with infant and parents online. Presenters will bring a psychoanalytic orientation to issues such as adaptations in focus of therapy, the balance between addressing pathology and resilience, including home-working fathers and families from racially and culturally diverse families. There will be two brief presentations followed by group discussion.

Covid 19 and home working have introduced some unique issues that can arise when working with babies and their families via video platform. In this webinar we will consider how and whether working online changes the process of co-creating an explicit understanding about difficulties, choosing whether or not to make an explicit interpretation and to whom; whether or not enough resilience can be accessed/developed in the parent to protect the baby.

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