Psychoanalysis and Mental Health | The True Nature of Suicide

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Organised by:

British Psychoanalytical Society (incorporating the Institute of Psychoanalysis)

27 November 2021

Time: 10:00 - 13:00

Price: £20

Location: online


“There is only one serious philosophical question and that is suicide” – Camus

Suicide is at the back of our minds, much of our lives in various ways. A suicide often has devastating consequences for those left behind, over generations. In mental health services, there is an overwhelming focus on prediction, dominating the care of patients. Yet, given the importance of suicide and the fear it generates, it is surprising how little is known about its nature or aetiology.

This event aims to confront the ‘true nature’ of suicide, looking at both the psychoanalytic understanding of the psychodynamics of suicide and the real experience of daily confrontation of those that are truly suicidal: What leads someone to take their own life? Can it be prevented? Why does it have such a devastating and unremitting effect on those left behind?

These questions will be discussed by Donald Campbell, psychoanalyst and co-author with Rob Hale of the book “Working in the Dark: Understanding the Pre-Suicide State of Mind” and Dr Rachel Gibbons, psychoanalyst, group analyst and psychiatrist, Chair of the Working Group on the Effect of Suicide and Homicide on Clinicians, at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Their discourse will be chaired by Dr Jo Stubley, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and Lead Clinician of the Tavistock Trauma Service.

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This event will be delivered remotely via Zoom.

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