Open Dialogue for Psychosis

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Organised by:

Dr Brian Martindale and Nick Putman

28 September 2021 - 29 September 2021

Time: 16:00 - 20:00

Price: 80 euros two days, 45 one day, reduced fees for students, family members & service users

Location: online


Open Dialogue is capturing the imagination in many parts of the world. It is
a) a way of restructuring mental health services so that they maintain people in mental distress within their psychosocial network and
b) a process that promotes improved relationships and attention to disturbing background factors.

Although OD is a platform for all mental health difficulties, research outcomes have focussed on psychosis

There will be two webinars lasting 4 hours, one on Tues 28th Sept and one Wed 29th September both at 4pm. They will consist of a presentation followed by panel discussion and then parallel workshops conducted by authors of the book Open Dialogue for Psychosis – Organising Mental Health services to Prioritise Dialogue, Relationship and Meaning edited by Nick Putman and Brian Martindale. Registrants can join in the discussions

For further details of the book, the September conference, the presentations and the workshops, and to book places, please visit

Interesting the approach arose out of applying and modifying psychoanalytic and systemic family therapy approaches.

Qualitative Research shows how much individuals and family members appreciate it, and many mental health professionals are rejuvenated by it, finding it in keeping with the very reasons they went into the field.

Statistical research has so far focussed on psychosis where the results find many more people are able returning to work and study and are off benefits than is usually reported. A £3.5 million research project is well under way in the UK

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