Lectures through zoom organized by The Frances Tustin Memorial Trust

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Frances Tustin Memorial Trust

25 October 2020 - 20 December 2020

Time: 18:30 - 20:00

Price: 20 USD

Location: online


New! Zoom lectures organized by The Frances Tustin Memorial Trust (FTMT) with distinguished lecturers will take place every two months. The lectures will be in English, on Sundays evenings, between 20:30-22:00, Israel time. The zoom link will be sent on the day of the lecture to the people who register. Details and links for registration, please see below. The number of registrations is limited.
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During 2020 two lectures will take place:

On October 25th at 20:30 Israel time, Dr. Judith Mitrani will lecture on:
The Threat of Evaporation, Unmentalized Happenings and Psychosomatic Asthma

In this paper, I will present some theoretical background and a clinical case to demonstrate my hypothesis suggesting that some instances of bronchial asthma may be conceived of as a pre-historic, self-survival tactic, aimed against the threat of evaporation, which remains un-mentalized in the individual due to impairment of “holding” and “containing” functions. Etiologically, this concept of bronchial asthma directs special emphasis upon deficiencies in early maternal pre-occupation and alpha-function that underlie the later failure of the asthmatically predisposed individual to mentalize the threat of evaporation, which is consequently defended against in a concrete, somatic fashion.
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International Registration: https://secure.cardcom.solutions/e/xrJZ

On December 20th, 2020, at 20:30 Israel time, Joshua (Shuki) Durban will lecture on:
Osmotic Anxieties and Autistic Defensive Organizations
Frances Tustin explored a range of early autistic anxieties of being, most of them concrete and bodily in nature. These anxieties are characterized by a catastrophic terror of change related to a pre-mature awareness of separateness and the ensuing threat of dissolution or ‘non-being’. Tustin discovered and deepened our understanding of the way these overwhelming early anxieties might trigger various autistic defensive organizations. In this presentation I’ll describe a special kind of osmotic anxieties, first described by Herbert Rosenfeld, which characterizes extreme forms of hyper-permeability and lack of self-object differentiation in the infant. These osmotic or diffuse anxieties , which are not located in either self or object but rather being everywhere and nowhere at the same time, often repeat and enact intra-uterine catastrophes, real or phantasized. I will bring clinical material from the analyses of an ASD child and of an adult patient and show the various defensive organizations deployed as a way of warding-off these anxieties. I will also discuss questions of technique while confronting these anxieties.
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