Integrating The Body, Breath and Movement in Therapy

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Wimbledon Guild Counselling Training

16 April 2021

Time: 10:00 - 13:00

Price: £40+ booking fees

Location: online


The event:

A workshop for health professionals, mental health workers and yoga teachers with a keen interest in integrating embodiment into their current practice, becoming more trauma informed, whilst gaining confidence and practical tools to integrate the body, breath and movement when working with anxiety, depression & trauma both online and in person.

This is a 3 hour introductory event ahead of Lorna’s 2 day in depth event on this subject planned as a live workshop in November 2021.

Mind and body are fully integrated and what the therapist notices in the client’s body, or experiences in her own body, energy, tension, holding or other non-verbal phenomena is vital to bring into awareness and into the work with our clients. Our work, coupled with recent neuroscience research, emphasises how trauma is held in the body and how a bodily understanding is essential for professionals working with anxiety, depression & trauma in person and online during the pandemic.

On completion of this workshop you will gain an understanding of the core concepts of working with the body, breath and movement. You will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of the importance of science and research in relation to bringing the body, breath & movement into therapy including Neuroscience the Autonomic Nervous System & Polyvagal Theory. You will gain practical tools to integrate into your current clinical or therapeutic practice focusing on the body, breath and movement. These tools are trauma informed and will include, Trauma Informed Yoga, which is a proven treatment for survivors of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) offering effective healing and symptom reduction, it is a clinically validated method of yoga researched by Bessel van der Kolk in the USA. Trauma sensitive yoga has foundations in Trauma Theory, Attachment Theory, Neuroscience and Hatha Yoga with an emphasis on mind body connection, breathing and movement.

During the workshop we will explore:

-​ ​The Mind Body conflict in Science: ​Key aspects of historical psychoanalytic conflict of Mind Body and awareness of the still ​competing forces of Mind Body in 2021

– Healing and learning from Neuroscience: ​Establishing a sense of self and community through yoga, meditation, art, theatre, music, movement and vocalization. ​An understanding of the scientific and clinical research findings supporting working with the body, breath, movement. Specifically, benefits for anxiety, depression, trauma, positive mental health and self-care

– ​Magical Connective Tissue: ​Fascia, what is it and why it matters

– ​Befriending the body: ​Learn Trauma Informed Yoga tools to work with clients online and in person.

– Countertransference & non verbal phenomena within the therapeutic relationship: ​Two bodies in the room

– ​Is somebody missing?​ Where did ​Spirit go?

Equipment & Experience:​ No yoga experience is required to attend this workshop, just an interest in mind body connection.

On the day of the workshop do wear comfortable clothing and have a space where you can sit on the floor, you’re welcome to bring your yoga mat or blanket. You have a choice to practise movement seated or on the floor, adjustments are always given.


​This workshop is not designed to qualify participants to be a trauma informed or sensitive yoga teacher, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, mindfulness instructor, Psychotherapist, Counsellor or trauma therapist. Instead, the workshop seeks to provide knowledge and skills to enhance the existing skills of therapists or yoga teachers within their existing scope of practice. Further training and support via supervision or personal therapy is always recommended when integrating new approaches into one’s existing work.

The trainer:

Lorna Evans is an Integrative Psychotherapist registered with UKCP & BACP, holding an MSc in Body Awareness & Psychotherapy and PGDip in Integrative Psychotherapy. Lorna now proudly integrates Psychotherapy and Yoga with a focus on the Body, Breath & Movement for treatment of anxiety, depression and trauma. Recently working on documentaries and projects with The Discovery Channel, BBC, SKY as well as other press for Medium, BBC and BACP Magazines promoting her work.

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