How to Flourish as a Psychotherapist in the Time of COVID: A Masterclass with Professor Brett Kahr

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Tavistock Relationships

05 March 2021

Time: 14:00 - 17:00

Price: £60

Location: online


The psychotherapist has the potential to save lives. Often, we will prevent people from killing themselves. We can also help to restore broken marriages and mend shattered families. But the burdens of working psychotherapeutically can be immense, not only emotionally but, also, medically, across the life cycle.

In this three-hour online workshop, Professor Brett Kahr, one of the United Kingdom’s most distinguished psychotherapists, will share his extensive 40-plus years of experience, investigating both the pitfalls and the pleasures of this unusual, but vital, profession. He will also speak about the very unique pressures, even terrors, of undertaking psychotherapeutic work in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, Kahr will reflect on the particular challenges for newly qualified colleagues and how those might be addressed.

Kahr will expand upon his widely regarded book, How to Flourish as a Psychotherapist (Phoenix Publishing House, 2019), which jumped to the top of the Karnac Books bestseller list upon publication and has since been translated into many languages. This frank guidebook to our profession provides a first-hand glimpse into the life cycle of the psychotherapist from the early years of training to the preparation for retirement and death.

This special masterclass will offer participants a privileged glimpse into Professor Kahr’s thoughts about the factors which either facilitate or inhibit creative growth across our working lives and will provide registrants with an opportunity to reflect upon their own careers with direct supervisory input from Kahr. We will consider how to maximise our creative capacities, how to find a voice outside the consulting room, how to flourish as a teacher, writer, lecturer and supervisor, and how to minimise the potentiality of burnout and despair. We shall also consider unconscious factors such as the fear of being envied and the terror of success, which prevent us from maximising our potentialities as psychotherapy practitioners.

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