Free seminar: Social relationships and their impact on mental health and wellbeing

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Organised by:

Anna Freud

19 January 2021

Time: 17:30 - 18:45

Price: free event

Location: online


This presentation will emphasize 4 main points:

1. Social relationships can be considered as targets for interventions aiming at both reducing risk factors associated with poor mental health and building the resources necessary to help face life’s challenges;
2.Longitudinal studies are crucial to test whether social relationships have an impact on mental health problems – and not just the other way around:
3. Genetically-sensitive data are key to providing strong evidence that social relationships have an effect on mental health problems, and are not all due to genetic confounds;
4. The life course approach contributes to illustrate the impact of social relationships across the life span and not just during one key period.

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