Clinical Challenges in Sexuality and Gender Now

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Tavistock Relationships

27 March 2021

Time: 10:00 - 13:00

Price: £60

Location: online


In this half-day CPD Leezah Hertzmann and Juliet Newbigin, editors of the recent book Sexuality and Gender Now: Moving Beyond Heteronormativity, will briefly talk about how today’s social environment, where forms of sexual and gender expression are becoming increasingly diverse, can challenge traditional psychoanalytic thinking. They will describe some of the main points raised by chapters in the book, which is a collection of work by British and American psychoanalysts, Jungian analysts and psychotherapists.

Using case studies, they will invite participants to explore their reactions to clinical situations that they may be presented with that can arouse uncertainty or even disapproval. As they suggest in their book, they encourage therapists to examine their own countertransference responses to their clients, including those which feel uncomfortable, rather than take refuge in ‘politically correct’ positions. They suggest that recognising their own feelings honestly and exploring these within themselves will enable clinicians to survive better the dilemmas they are confronted with in treatment, and be more able to help those they work with. Participants will be welcomed to contribute examples from their own experience to the discussion.

The numbers have been limited to ensure a fruitful discussion in the group.

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