BAPPS Autumn Conference 2021

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09 October 2021

Time: 13:00 - 17:00

Price: £65 non-members, £60 members, £35 retired members

Location: online


The BAPPS Autumn Conference takes place on Saturday 9th October. It will include a practical workshop led by Dr Robert T. Muller, a leading expert on trauma, therapy.

The workshop will explore therapeutic techniques through which the client is encouraged to take interpersonal risks, to mourn losses, and to face vulnerabilities. Specifically:

  • What are the countertransference themes most common to trauma therapy?
  • How can subtle conflicts in the therapeutic relationship become useful in trauma treatment?
  • And how do these themes make their appearance in supervision.

The conference opens at 11.00 am with the BAPPS AGM, followed by an online social room at 12.00, with the workshop starting at 1.00 pm.
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