Deferred Registrants

This category of BPC registration allows for clinicians who are working exclusively in  organisational settings (such as the NHS) with its own CPD requirements,  or who practice overseas, are academics (undertaking non-clinical forms of practice), or those taking career breaks or time off for ill health.

Deferred Registrants fall into a number of categories;

  • clinicians working exclusively in an organisational setting (usually the NHS) where they are required to comply with their organisation’s CPD requirements
  • clinicians taking a sabbatical (maternity/paternity leave, study leave etc.) and so would not be expected to comply with BPC CPD requirements
  • clinicians working exclusively outside of the United Kingdom
  • and those working in a non-clinical setting such as academia / teaching roles

Deferred Registrants are required to sign an undertaking that they wish to be included in the BPC Register as a qualified practitioner but not currently complying with BPC CPD (clinical) requirements. They have to sign a declaration that:

  • they are not seeing patients independently; or
  • they only see patients under the clinical governance arrangements of another professional or employing body; or
  • they only see patients overseas under the governance applicable to registration outside the UK.

Check the current BPC Register including Deferred Registrants here