Covid-19 Updates



We fully acknowledge the anxiety and concern about the personal, professional and societal response to COVID-19 and how they might impact your practice and contact with clients and patients. During these unprecedented times, there are new challenges for both Registrants and patients. On this page we have collated our Covid-19 Updates, the BPC Covid-19 Guidance and FAQ.

Following the latest government announcement, our team is now working remotely but we are still operating as usual. Please bear with us if there are some delays in replying to your queries as we adapt to new working arrangements. 
We are doing everything we can to make this transition as smooth and fast as possible. To help us during this time, we would be grateful if you would contact us by email in the first instance. Please provide your name, contact details including a phone number and your query. We will aim to respond within 48 business hours, Monday to Friday.  

Covid-19 FAQ

Read our current updates here:

13 May 2020: COVID-19 BPC Update: 13 May 2020

06 May 2020: COVID-19 BPC Update: 06 May 2020

23 April 2020: COVID-19 BPC Update: 23 April 2020

09 April 2020: COVID-19 BPC Update: 09 April 2020

02 April 2020: COVID-19 BPC Update: 02 April 2020

26 March 2020 COVID-19 BPC Update for Registrants

19 March 2020 COVID-19 Update: Online and Telephone Sessions

16 March 2020: Guidance for Registrants on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

12 March 2020 COVID-19 Update


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