BPC Council of Institutions

The Council is made up of a representative of each member organisation and is responsible for the setting of the organisation's overall strategic direction and policy. It monitors how successfully the strategic aims are being followed.

The Council’s current members are:

Chair: Susanna Abse

Association of Jungian Analysts: Liz Grant 

APPCIOS: Liz Greenway

Association of Medical Psychodynamic Counsellors: Richard Ingram

Association of Psychodynamic Counsellors: tbc 

British Psychotherapy Foundation: Julian Lousada

British Psychoanalytic Association; Joscelyn Richards

British Psychoanalytical Society: Michael Mercer

Foundation fpr Psychotherapy and Counselling: Mary Rose Thompson 

Forensic Psychotherapy Society: Richard Curan

Gloucestershire Counselling Service: Mike Keating 

North of England Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists: Christine Murray

Northern Ireland Psychoanalytic Society: Hannah Browne

Scottish Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists: Gail Taylor

Severnside Institute for Psychotherapy: David Pocock

Society of Analytical Psychology: Judith Brech

Tavistock Relationships: Andrew Balfour

Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists: Elisa Reyes Simpson

Wessex Counselling Service: Sue Lee / Rose Persson

West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy: Carrie Worrall 

WPF Therapy: Lynsey Hotchkies / Sam Downie

Psychoanalytic Parent Infant Psychotherapy Society: Tessa Baradon


Plus members of the Executive:

Registrar: Jan McGregor Hepburn

BPC Chief Executive: Gary Fereday

Chair, Ethics: Alan Colam

Chair, Professional Standards Committee: Jan McGregor Hepburn

Executive member: Susanna Abse

Executive member: David Richards

Executive member: Lee Smith

Executive member: Harvey Taylor

Last updated on November 2018