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Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling

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FPC (Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling) is the professional home for graduates of WPF Therapy. All of our Professional Members are Psychotherapists with a minimum of 4 years intensively supervised clinical training, qualified to postgraduate level who trained at WPF Therapy, one of the largest and most respected psychotherapy training institutions for over 50 years. Our members can be found in the Psychotherapist Directory at

WPF Therapy is a safe space that empowers individuals to manage their own lives and flourish. We aim to make psychotherapy more accessible by providing affordable therapeutic services, training and educational opportunities for therapists and care workers to ensure a skilled workforce is equipped to deliver effective treatments.
Whilst we see hundreds of clients each week, our main source of referrals is personal recommendation by friends or family. If you are thinking of trying therapy for the first time, or want to continue your journey, please visit our website or email If you are interested in training, please email


Our Member Institutions

Find out more about our Member Institutions that make up the BPC and our unique psychoanalytic community.
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