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The British Psychoanalytic Association is a Component Society of the International Psychoanalytical Association. The BPA offers a high-quality training in psychoanalysis reflecting different theoretical orientations, Contemporary Freudian, Independent, and Kleinian, as does the Scientific Life of the society and the many publications and presentations by its members. Also offered are an Advanced Training Scheme for experienced clinicians, as well as Introductory Courses, scientific and clinical events which are open to the public. People with diverse backgrounds are very much welcomed.

At the heart of the BPA is the pursuit of personal development and a profound respect for unconscious processes. A great strength of the society has been the capacity for members to work together in the spirit of enquiry learning from differing viewpoints.

Psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic treatments are available through the BPA Clinic and Low Fee Service:

BPA Clinic
A consultation will help applicants to decide the best treatment for them. For many people a full analysis of 4 or 5 times weekly sessions is appropriate. For others a frequency between 1-3 times weekly sessions is appropriate.

An initial consultation is £75 and the second follow-up meeting is £65.
The cost of ongoing sessions varies as financial circumstances are taken into account.
Claudia Kramer on 0208 445 1952 -mobile 07800 898410, or
Susan Wax on 01923 856147 -mobile 07860 863441.

Low Fee Service
Four times weekly analysis is offered to individuals unable to pay the full fee, who are able to commit to a minimum of two years, and are willing to be seen by a practitioner as part of the BPA Training Scheme.
Fees: The fee for an initial consultation is £60, which consists of two assessment interviews at £30 each. On-going fees are negotiable but usually range from £2 - £25 per session.
Catherine Pearce on 07512 242900.


Our Member Institutions

Find out more about our Member Institutions that make up the BPC and our unique psychoanalytic community.
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