About the Trainees' Association

About the committee
The Trainees' Association (TA) Committee exists to facilitate communication among trainees of the different member institutions of the BPC, and to make trainees' voices heard in BPC decision-making. All BPC trainees, regardless of modality, are automatically members of the Trainees' Association. Through active participation you can create a body which truly represents your voice and your concerns, ensuring the BPC stays fit for purpose and best represents those in the profession.

Get involved
The TA meets roughly every month, and would love to welcome any and all trainees to come and be a part of the group. Trainees are welcome to just drop in, or to attend every meeting. The meetings take place at the BPC office, with teleconferencing facilities for those outside London.  There are over 450 trainees on BPC accredited training courses – your voice is important.

Meet colleagues
The TA committee is a space where you can meet your colleagues, raise issues and topics important to you, and help contribute to change and development in order to improve your training experience.

Get in touch
Feel free to drop in to the next meeting or to contact the Trainees' Association at trainees@bpc.org.uk or the BPC office for more information.

Who can join?
If you are undertaking a BPC accredited training then you can be part of the Trainees' Association. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just embarked on your training or if you are right at the very end. The Trainees' Association would be happy to welcome you.

How can I join?
Some training institutions will already have a representative on the Trainees' Association committee.You can make contact and stay in touch with other trainees through that rep, or contact the committee directly yourself. If your institution doesn't have a rep, please do email the Trainees' Association or get in touch with the BPC office to discuss becoming more actively involved.

Is there a cost?
This association is completely free to join.

What does the Trainees' Association do?
The association is formally a part of the BPC council. This means that a representative from the association, ordinarily the chair, is able to discuss, debate and be involved in BPC decision making and policy development. The Trainees' Association also serves as a safe place for those who are experiencing issues in their training, and would like to have opportunity to talk confidentially to other training colleagues about things that are affect them outside of their institution and in a neutral space. The BPC relies on its entire membership to inform us of what really matters most to the profession, and the Trainees' Association is the platform representing your voice. So, If you have some ideas you'd like to share with the BPC, want to help us create more of a sense of community among trainees of psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapies, or are just plain curious to meet trainees from other BPC member institutions, the Trainees' Association would love to hear from you.

What will I get out of being a member?
The BPC strives to improve the experience of those in training by aiming to build a more interconnected profession.The Trainees' Association provides an opportunity for those in training, regardless of modality, to come together to discuss issues of training, theory and practice as well as provide a social context for trainees to share experiences and build peer relationships and engagement. Through being connected with your colleagues via the Trainees' Association, trainees can be part of this exciting challenge and make a real difference.

What if I’ve just qualified?
If you have successfully completed your BPC accredited training and you are a member of a BPC member institute you are eligible to become a registrant of the BPC. Details on how to register can be obtained from your training instiutute or graduating body, or from the BPC directly - email us here with any questions


Help improve our pages
The BPC is looking to improve and build upon the information we provide on our site and in our communications with trainees and registrants. We are specifically calling for ideas and suggestions to build a virtual resources (libraries, links, information, news) Do get in touch with the BPC Development Officer, Leanne Stelmaszczyk if you have any thoughts on what you’d find useful to have on the site here